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Luxury Private Mental Health Retreat & Rehab

Where absolute 5 star luxury meets total wellbeing & healing with complete privacy and confidentiality...

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Exclusive mental health retreat for VIP USA


You Are The Only Guest

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Proven Results Since 2009

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Professional Dedicated Team

5 star rehab USA

5 Star

The Ultimate Experience


5 Star Confidential Treatment

We offer a luxury confidential retreat like no other with personalised 1:1 programs for Health, Detox, Relaxation, Stress and Burn Out, Mental Health & Relationships specifically catering to the needs of high net worth individuals who require unique care for the unique issues you face in your life.

Alive offers profound personalised and fully supported 360 DEGREE HOLISTIC RETREAT & REHAB PROGRAMS for those experiencing a difficult period of life where we heal the whole person with a focus on full life transformation in record time.

Created uniquely for those who play at the top with a full team of highly skilled therapists to ensure you receive rapid transformation and enjoy the opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically with full team support. Our treatment programs are intensive, individualised and treat the underlying causes of any issues fast and with full confidentiality.

Alive is a full life integration system and the changes continue well after you leave your life changing retreat in seclusion and secrecy. 

We offer 5 star private and confidential executive level programs in Montecito, California hidden away from the world in your own luxury mansion or home completely protected from the outside world.

We continue to support our guests in every area of life, wellness, relationships and business back in the real world to ensure long term changes are fully integrated into real life.

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Retreat In Pure Luxury

The choice is yours to experience the full Alive Transformation in your own private discreet hideaway.


Every unique luxury 5 star property in Montecito is hand picked to suit your taste and desired level of luxury and seclusion.

Your completely hidden residence where you are the only guest ranges chosen by you for your unique tastes and expectations becomes your home away from home and eases the recovery & life transformation process.

The choice is completely yours to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with full support in seclusion, surrounded by nature and peace worlds away from all of your responsibilities.

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Choose Your Program

luxury executive health and detox retreat private usa

360 Health & Wellness

Experience the ultimate private luxury Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat complete with detox, fitness, yoga, meditation, unlimited spa and massage, personalised cleanse, wellness sessions, healing sessions and more.

luxury private vip mental health treatment center

Our Luxury Private Holistic Mental Health Retreat offers a full support program that is designed to help heal and overcome mental health issues. Our high-end, luxury services are made with VIPs in mind, offering complete privacy and confidentiality. Our proven program is tailored to provide a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, in a luxurious and safe environment.

luxury private 5 star health and wellness retreat usas

Detox & Rejuvenate

Detoxify the body, heal health issues that are holding you back & rejuvenate your entire physical system with the Alive cleanse & luxury private executive level detox retreat to reset, energise & increase vitality. Lose bad habits and access the focus, vitality, energy and sleep you need to perform at your best.

luxury private couples marriage and divorce help retreats

Rebuild a connection first with yourself, heal relationship hurts & build healthy relationships with others to receive the support & connection you deserve through releasing resentment & radical forgiveness.





luxury private executive stress and burn out retreat and rehab usa

Overcome long term stress, eradicate burn out, heal your nervous system & create a life you love to thrive moving forward. Rejuvenate your whole system & recover fast with a holistic burn out program for executives and VIP's to reset on every level.

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Many of our clients are dealing with an immense amount of pressure and responsibility in their lives that no one else really understands. Some have extreme wealth and freedom and little direction. Some have found fame or wealth quickly and are struggling to deal with the pressure. Some struggle to deal with their extreme potential and creative abilities. Some are bored and have lost direction and purpose. Every client is unique.

And we understand you uniquely.

Whether you are crumbling under pressure, losing your identity, lost all meaning or outsourcing your anxiety in ways that don't serve you... without judgement we support you to recover yourself, your life and your direction in record time. Everyday therapy doesn't work for extraordinary people with extraordinary circumstances. That's why we exist.

We meet you at your level, we are honest and direct in our approach and we connect to who you really are without judgement, with warmth and skill and with full support. It is for this reason our high net worth clients have us 'outside their circle' but working closely with them for good reason. We are the glue that holds you together regardless of circumstances. We look forward to working with you in privacy to elevate your potential in all areas of life and to ensure you build an unbreakable relationship with yourself. AND the journey is actually fun and inspiring every step of the way.

We only ask that you pass on the impact that you receive from this program to the masses using your reach and ability to transform the lives of others in small or big ways.

Outstanding Holistic Treatment

We believe in the power of healing the whole person naturally using the mind body connection to treat all issues gently all at once with world class biomedical treatment protocols and excellence in mental health treatment that works. This powerful way of working with a full team of skilled therapists and your natural ability to heal brings immediate and long term results that would normally take years of treatment. Instead we see results in days and weeks and you feel the benefits for years to come.

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An Empowered Approach To Personal Change

Modern therapy, so many tests, medication - it all focuses on 'what is wrong with you' and rarely gives long lasting positive results. It also leaves you without tools to transform your mind & emotions when you need it the most.


Our therapists, biomedical team, coaches, healers and motivators focus on drawing out your greatness & creating a life that you love whilst cleansing you on many levels of past experiences that have you believing you are someone you are not. 

This empowered approach gives you back your confidence to remove fear, inner strength, optimum health and tools to equip you for life to deal with anything that comes your way with ease & the power to see the possibilities that await you. 

At Alive you become the most empowered resilient version of yourself as you learn to utilise every tool we teach in your own life at a mastery level.


We are passionate about a complete transformation for the long term.
Many of our clients 'have tried everything' before meeting our team who work together to create a unique plan for long term healing and life change.
This is why each retreat experience is customised to ensure we are getting to the core of the issues and holistically working with the whole person.
We also work with you before, during and after retreat to ensure your changes stick in the real world. With your willingness and commitment we can guarantee you outstanding results.

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Meet YOUR Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

We believe it takes a team to heal rapidly - we get you results in weeks not years.

 Our team are here to focus on you only and together we support you in a way you cannot imagine. 

With unconditional love, absolute skill and a program that is proven to work over and over together we work on transforming each part of you in record time.

It is an honour to be apart of your journey and to share in your transformation and it is with much gratitude that our entire team welcomes you to retreat and congratulates you on choosing to give yourself this gift. 

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Facilitators & program directors

Our facilitators and hosts ensure your needs are taken care of and manage your entire retreat experience before, during and after retreat.

5 star mental health center usa

5 Star Service Team

Our service team from reception, bookings, chefs, drivers and service staff ensure you never lift a finger during your stay and are truly spoilt during your time with us.

private retreat for stress and burnout USA

mental health Therapists

We hand pick the most skilled psychotherapists, psychologists, holistic counsellors and coaches to mentally & emotionally transform on every level.

luxury confidential one on one mental health retreat USA

Fitness & Adventure Guides

Our adventure guides help you explore the outdoors, the rich culture, nature and adventure experiences on our menu to reconnect to the world around you.

luxury anxiety and depression treatment centers USA

Bio Medical Team

Our wellness team consists of Naturopaths, GP, Nutritionists, Biomedical Mental Health Specialists, Fitness Instructors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists & more to rejuvenate your physical body with a range of techniques & physical healing therapies.

luxury confidential mental health treatment center USA

Spa & Massage Team

Our massage and spa team help to melt away your worries and lull you into a space of bliss and peace with their deeply healing spa and massage therapies.

celebrity mental health rehab USA

Yoga & meditation team

Our Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Breathwork teachers teach the full Alive Yoga system built for mental health & creating long lasting inner peace.

best mental health treatment program in the world USA

Healers & Energy Workers

Our energy healers unlock old habits and patterns and help to clear the mind, body & soul of what is holding you back.


Why It Works
Proven Results Since 2009

The Alive Program and Journey is unique to each individual as each person has had a unique life path that has brought them to this very moment. 

Our program is 100% holistic designed to not only heal the issues for good but to ensure you become skilled with life long tools to be the greatest and most resilient version of yourself.

It is for this reason - using tools not more talk - and an empowering process that our clients receive extraordinary results that sees them transforming all areas of their life in record time.

The alive Program

Get Answers, real support &
Immediate Relief.

holistic treatment

Holistic Assessment

You don't need 5 specialists. You need one team to complete a thorough 360 degree view of your life, health, past, mind & future. Rarely is those done correctly if at all. After this assessment the team cultivates a plan for action, healing & transformation that works. 

natural mental health treatment

Find The Root Cause

What you believe is the cause of the 'crash' rarely is. And it can seem that there are so many issues to deal with. Using the butterfly effect we target the true core issues that are truly driving the problems & support the whole person to heal through powerful education & rapid healing with full team support. 

proven mental health treatment program

Bio Medical Process

We don't believe in guesswork, bandaids or anything that doesn't 'cure' the problem. We believe in holistic, natural and proven techniques backed by science to heal the body, find natural balance and use modern natural medicine to get the results that you want to energise physically & calm mentally the natural way.

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Cleanse & Heal The Body

Many of our clients don't realise that their physical health and habits are driving the problem. We ensure we help you thrive (not survive) & help you integrate the fuel your mind and body needs to heal issues at the core with nutrition  protocols, diet, detox & natural medicine that works to speed healing of the whole person.

Heal Emotionally.  Transform Your Mind.

therapy for trauma and ptsd

Release The


Many of our clients have spent months or years in therapy disempowered by spending time digging through the past. We acknowledge awareness of your past hurts but we know that healing happens in the present & living as your greatest  self.

therapy for stress, anxiety and depression

Transform Your Mind

Learn real tools that fast track your ability to deal with your mind and thoughts. Unleash the grip your mind has over you and become your own coach with inspiring tools for fast mindset transformation and mental resilience.

act therapy, cbt, mindfulness therapy

Find Inner Peace

The inner peace tools & practices you learn to calm the mind, deal with emotion and change your behaviour o the spot help you build an unbreakable relationship with yourself. You will become the most present, clam and confident version of yourself now and always.

executive burn out retreat

Eradicate Your Stress

We ensure that whatever is driving your stress internally or externally  is dealt with fast. We take practical steps to eliminate stress in your life now & create a life moving forward that supports you for the long term to thrive.

Ignite Your Love of Life & Self.

letting go of the past

Create Real Self Compassion

Many of our clients are holding themselves or others hostage with resentment. Forgiveness & understanding becomes the gateway to make space for the life you truly want.

personal empowerment coaching

Be The Greatest Self

You are not who you think you are. Now you step into who you really are & craft a life as your greatest self being authentically you without fear.

creating healthy habits

Create A Life You Love

You design a powerful vision for your life with the habits in place to live as the best version of you. You live life by design not by default. 

relationship therapy

Build Healthy Relation-ships

Relationships with others are healed to create deep connections, understanding, boundaries and communication to form the bonds & support you desire and deserve.

Become The Greatest Self & Live A Life You Love.

creating your life purpose

Realign Your Purpose

We shift your life from autopilot & over drive into one of true meaning, passion, richness and purpose aligning you with a path in life that makes your heart sing.

creating a life or fulfilment and meaning

Live Life With True Meaning

You become the director and manifestor of your own life vision to life life by design, aligned with your value system and have the confidence to put it into action.

confidence coaching

Confidence & Courage

Filled with a new passion for life, tools to support yourself & the courage and clarity to make it happen you are inspired to put your new plan of action into reality.

success coaching

Inner & outer Success

You will have the inner mindset and tools to match the outer success you have in your life with both becoming equally important. 

Step Into Your Power & Legacy.

life coaching

Simplify & Clean Up

Many of our clients have lost control over the direction of their life, relationships and business. By simplifying every moving part of your life & overhauling any issues you are facing in real life we create an effective plan for life, others and business moving forward.

business coaching

Streamline Life & Business

Our high performance life coaches and business coaches ensure that your life and management of all the moving parts is effectively streamlined and managed before you re enter the real world.

leadership coaching

Become A Leader

Our leadership consultants ensure that you stay in the seat of power and can effectively lead others with skill and integrity. We work with you and your people to eliminate anything in the way of you becoming a powerful leader in life and in business.

high performance coaching

Reach Your Human Potential

Many of our clients have the ability to create great change in the world. As you reach your human potential we will craft a plan to give back to others in a grand yet easy way so that you can do what you were born to do.

Be Fully Supported & Inspired In The Real World

online therapy

Ongoing Therapy & Coaching

Supported by your personal therapists & coaches you will continue your journey at home. We are here to support our clients outside of their circle and to ensure that your needs are always met & that you have a full support network to take care of you always.

after care and support

Accountability & Full Support

Before you leave retreat we will have already set up an on the ground team to ensure all of your habits and tools are fully integrated into your daily life. This ensures that retreat life continues at home regardless of circumstances and responsibility.

online support program

High Performance Online Program

Our online program created by some of the most influential high performance experts in the world teaches you to become a skilled coach and leader for yourself and others. We give you every tool we have so that you can continue to grow as a human.

leadership consulting, high performance program

Business & Leadership Consulting

WE can continue to support you and your people online or in person once you leave retreat to integrate all business and management changes needed for yourself and the people closest to you. 


Interested In A Luxury Private Retreat?

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We are here to walk you through exactly what program is best for you and introduce you to the outstanding team at Alive. We will answer all your questions via text, whatsapp email or on a call.
Leave your details below for immediate support and a no obligation wellness assessment to create your ultimate retreat to release all stress, revamp your health, cleanse the body and create inner calm. We will contact you immediately.
Team @ Alive
You want a private confidential program that is customised to your needs and you are the only guest?
You want the world's top team for wellness, detox, mental health, stress and addiction recovery all in one place?
You are ready to transform every area of your life in 5 star luxury at a secret exotic location?
5 star rehab
Outstanding experience. For more than a year post my divorce I tried other programs before I found Alive. I didn't want group therapy, I didn't need rehab, a simple health retreat or therapy wasn't enough. I wanted to deal with all the issues at once - divorce, stress, loss of health, new direction, mental wellbeing and healing relationships. I accomplished it all in 21 days with my loving team where I only focused on me for the first time in years. Words cannot describe the skill and care of this team. Beyond grateful.
Loz, 55, USA, Mother of 4
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