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Crypto Retreat in Bali



Every VIP quote is created uniquely for each individual - for our team to understand you and your needs in detail please complete this quick form below and book a discovery call with our program director to understand how our powerful life changing programs work.

Select any of the HEALTH issues that currently apply to you?
Select any of the MENTAL HEALTH issues you are currently dealing with?
Where are you currently at with your life direction?
SUPPORT - The Alive team offers a 15:1 client support ratio with program hours from 6.30am to 7pm. The villa service team are available from 6am -11pm with 24/7 security on site. To ensure your proposal reflects the EXACT level of inimate support you require please select below what suits your needs:
All Alive Private Retreat Villas offer a high standard of luxury and service. Your bespoke proposal and chosen villa and team reflects the final proposal and we must meet/and exceed your expectations. Our clients needs range from an executive (business class) level to VIP (first class level) to an Elite level (private jet) when it comes to luxury or LUXURY level of villa and attentiveness. It is important we create a program and level of service and luxury that you are accustomed to. Your choices below will alter your final proposal and program costs. Please select any of the below that suits your needs and budget:
FOOD - Food is medicine at Alive. Food is an integral part of rejuvenating your mind and body on evey level. Please describe you food preferences below but understand your nutritonist will have the final say on your medicinal menu in order to reach your optimum level of health and mental/emotional wellbeing:
Tick any options that you require for pre or post retreat support/travel with our team?
WILLINGNESS - We will engage the level of team to meet your level of committment to growth and transformation. Please be honest in describing the level of intention, willingness, goals and committment you have to yoursel, your team, your program and your life transformation:
Luxury Retreat for CEO in LA
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