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private confidential luxury retreat and treatment for ptsd and trauma

Confidential trauma & ptsd treatment

Experience the ultimate private luxury VIP healing retreat and treatment program with a world class team for Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD & Depression with a proven program for the elite since 2009. Heal & transform in secrecy with a full team, holistic 360 degree treatment and an empowered approach to find yourself again in record time. 

The Ultimate Luxury Private  ptsd
Retreat & treatment

The Alive Trauma ad PTSD Treatment Program for our unique VIP's - is exactly that - UNIQUE.
With 1:1 Fast Track Treatment that is holistic, heals the whole person and utilises an empowering treatment protocol and team perfectly curated just for you and your uniqueness... our clients get real long lasting results without having to deal with multiple therapists, disempowering therapy, rehab in the eyes of others or pressure from those around them.
Step into your own
 paradise surrounded by nature, worlds away from your responsibilities and pressure so that you can truly heal. 
We heal the root cause of your anxiety, panic and fear, overwhelm, sadness, shock & PTSD and set you up to live a life free of your past experiences moving forward with tools that will serve you for the rest of your life.
Our 5 star VIP Retreats held on the island of Bali with a bespoke team of top international experts offers you the ultimate once in a lifetime opportunity to release, reset, recover & re create every aspect of your health, life, relationships and business - AND HEAL TRAUMA AT THE CORE. Regardless of what you are facing and at what level - we hand pick a team uniquely created to
guarantee your transformation in complete secrecy.

Our VIP Confidential Retreats are created for those who require a unique personalised retreat experience to deal with whatever is holding you back - in privacy with absolute skill & proven results.
Every client is unique and can be facing burn out, overwhelm, disconnection, lack of purpose & meaning, relationship issues, health issues, anxiety & depression, addiction and more. Our unique empowered approach to dealing with any issue you face is why our clients receive FAST results in record time in a warm and supportive environment with pure skill and tools that work.
Working with our full team of world class experts in health, life, mental health & business you receive the ultimate life changing program in seclusion & privacy to be fully supported on your journey to personal & professional transformation in secrecy with ease.
Leave all of your responsibilities behind & experience complete peace with a personalised holistic wellness & life transformation team ready to hold the weight of your responsibilities, help you disconnect & breathe life into your soul as you regain your POWER. 
A hidden sanctuary created uniquely for you to help you revive, radically heal, transform and create the best version of yourself & life moving forward playing at the top with ease. 
We've been transforming the lives of those that require an exclusive team working with them behind the scenes as their secret weapon since 2009 and we understand your position of not being able to get the support you need with ease, speed & effectiveness regardless of the depth of your issues.
Create the ultimate experience to transform your health, life, mindset, relationships and business in record time.
Apply To Work With Our Team....

Alive Rehab Luxury Treatment VIP


Are you tired of:

  • Constantly worrying and not knowing how to get on top of the deep feelings of shock, denial and disbelief?

  • Feeling numb and disconnected from yourself and the world around you?

  • Not knowing how to come out of the fog of sadness, overwhelm or hopelessness?

  • Trying to hide the overwhelm you feel on a daily basis?

  • Not knowing how to explain to others what is going on?

  • Not understanding how to move forward?

  • Not being able to control the non stop thoughts and reactions?

  • Not knowing how to deal with the physical sensations that get on top of you?

  • Not knowing tools to help you internally when you need them most?

  • Not knowing how to deal with the confusion or concentrate let alone function each day?

  • Feeling tired and exhausted and lacking the energy and clarity needed to move forward?

  • Never being able to get rid of the thoughts of self blame, guilt and shame to support yourself?

  • Rehashing your story and still having no answers?

  • Trying different therapies & bandaid approaches and getting nowhere?

  • Feeling exhausted and wondering when your zest for life will come back?

  • Feeling as though no one understands what you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis?

  • Believing falsely that finding you again takes months or even years?

  • Using uppers and downers to keep yourself going?

  • Feeling just plain over it and disempowered instead of EMPOWERED?

Are you ready to experience?

  • Access to world class expert support, tools and a proven program that makes sense all in one easy to access place?

  • To feel understood, accepted and fully supported on your journey to healing, complete wellness and way beyond that?

  • To be on a journey with real people, a community of therapists who have been in your shoes and who have lived through your experience and out the other side?

  • To find your energy and clarity again and build a relationship with your self that is unbreakable regardless of past events?

  • To understand how to let go and have a succinct blue print to follow step by step on your path to self transformation beyond trauma?

  • To understand yourself and the inner workings of your mind and know what to do with unhelpful stories, strong emotion and uncontrollable reactions?

  • To have a step by step process to follow that is proven to work, in the right order, at the right time?

  • To embark on a journey of self discovery and rejuvenation that takes weeks not years?

  • To learn tools that will last you a lifetime?

  • To befriend your mind and build a sense of self acceptance, calm and compassion?

  • To craft and structure a whole new life and direction for yourself complete with habits and action steps to bring it to life?

  • To re create a life vision that is meaningful and 100% fulfilling?

  • To shine just as you are, happy in your own skin and loving the life YOU have created for yourself?


Being unable to move past shocking or painful events is unique to each individual. The event is not the real issue - it's what you make it mean and your ability to work with your mind, pictures, feelings & reactions to the event that requires healing and transformation. 

You can't heal what you don't understand. In our first call we get quickly to the core of the real reasons driving your anxiety around the event.

We truly understand how terrifying and exhausting it can be to live with PTSD where it feels as though your sanity is slipping through your fingers. We've been in your shoes.

The underlying issues and triggers surrounding your trauma are immediately recognised and a unique plan is created to fast track your healing with an intensive approach that you will love to heal & support you in the real world to ensure permanent healing.

In your diagnosis and treatment we consider:

  • Self Identity - how you perceive yourself & misidentification or separation from your true identity due to trauma

  • Self Harshness - how you treat yourself internally & what you make the incident mean about yourself

  • Trust & Faith - in your own strengths, others and life moving forward

  • Pressure & Responsibility - your ability to have the time & space to heal for good without the need to perform to high standards or deal with expectations

  • Trauma - tools & fast therapies needed to deal with shock, grief, trauma & hurt

  • Mind Tools & Emotional Healing - your ability to harness tools to transform your thoughts & emotions

  • Physical Stress - trauma lives in the body, how we release physically & energetically what you are holding onto

  • Rest & Relaxation - inability to relax, rest, sleep or be present

  • Loss of Meaning or Direction - loss of personal values, inability to trust, lack of meaning, purpose & fulfilment, lack of control over direction or having your future hijacked by the event

  • Toxicity & Cellular Degeneration  - physical and mental toxicity that is degenerating health and mental balance

  • Nutrient Deficiency & Gut Health - gut issues that arise due to shock and stress

  • Biochemical Imbalance - excess or deficiency in neurotransmitter balance due to shock and stress

It is our job - not yours - to carefully curate a treatment plan to heal all of the above in record time with our full support using a specific program that works.


There are many 'serious' clinical labels given to pigeon hole your Anxiety & Trauma issues. However biochemically - Anxiety & PTSD is simply a response to a physical, emotional, mental and energetic imbalance that is yet to be addressed & healed correctly. The warning signs simply show that your mind & body require attention - and possibly multiple areas of your life to be healed. You are unique and so is your experience. We take a holistic intensive approach to heal fast & equip you will tools to last a lifetime.

We believe in healing the below issues holistically and thoroughly for good:

  • Acute (single event), Chronic (ongoing) or Complex (multiple events) Trauma

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Mental & Emotional Abuse

  • Physical Abuse & Violence

  • Accidents or Medical Illness

  • Loss

  • Neglect or Abandonment

  • Victim of Crime

  • Severe Harassment

  • Early Childhood Trauma

  • Ongoing Trauma Due To Line Of Work

Broad labels, bandaid approaches and clinical 'one size fits all' frameworks offer little long term benefits in curing trauma for good. To heal trauma at the core and permanently - you require a unique blue print that is custom created for your needs only so you can get back to living, empowered and fully equipped to live a life you love.

Why It Works
Proven Results Since 2009

The Alive Program and Journey is unique to each individual as each person has had a unique life path that has brought them to this very moment. 

Our program is 100% holistic designed to not only heal trauma for good but to ensure you become skilled with life long tools to be the greatest and most resilient version of yourself.

It is for this reason - using tools not more talk - and an empowering process that our clients receive extraordinary results that sees them transforming all areas of their life in record time.



Get Answers & Immediate Relief

Above the Clouds

Holistic Assessment

You don't need clinical labels & boring therapy that makes you feel worse. You need one team to complete a thorough 360 degree view of your life, health, past, mind & future. Rarely is those done correctly if at all. After this assessment the team cultivates a plan for action, healing & transformation that works. 

Designed Grass Field

Find The Root Cause

What you believe is the cause of the 'crash' rarely is. And it can seem that there are so many issues to deal with. Using the butterfly effect we target the true core issues that are truly driving the problems & support the whole person to heal through powerful education & rapid healing with full team support. 

Green Leaves

Biochemical Balance

We don't believe in guesswork, bandaids or anything that doesn't 'cure' the problem. We believe in holistic, natural and proven techniques backed by science to heal the body, find natural balance and use modern natural medicine to get the results that you want to energise physically & calm mentally the natural way.

Homemade Pesto

Cleanse & Heal The Body

Many of our clients don't realise that their physical health and habits are driving the problem. We ensure we help you thrive (not survive) & help you integrate the fuel your mind and body needs to heal issues at the core with nutrition  protocols, diet, detox & natural medicine that works to speed healing of the whole person.

Your Healing Journey

Heal Emotionally &
Transform Your Mind

Looking Out to the Lake

Release The


Many of our clients have spent months or years in therapy disempowered by spending time digging through the past. We acknowledge awareness of your past hurts but we know that healing happens in the present & living as your greatest  self.

Happy Man

Transform Your Mind

Learn real tools that fast track your ability to deal with your mind and thoughts. Unleash the grip your mind has over you and become your own coach with inspiring tools for fast mindset transformation and mental resilience.

Eyes Closed

Find Inner Peace

The inner peace tools & practices you learn to calm the mind, deal with emotion and change your behaviour o the spot help you build an unbreakable relationship with yourself. You will become the most present, clam and confident version of yourself now and always.

Breathing Meditation

Eradicate Your Stress

We ensure that whatever is driving your stress internally or externally  is dealt with fast. We take practical steps to eliminate stress in your life now & create a life moving forward that supports you for the long term to thrive.

Ignite Your Love of Life & Self

Candle in Hands

The Power of Forgiveness

Many of our clients are holding themselves or others hostage with resentment. Forgiveness & understanding becomes the gateway to make space for the life you truly want.


Be The Greatest Self

You are not who you think you are. Now you step into who you really are & craft a life as your greatest self being authentically you without fear.


Create A Life You Love

You design a powerful vision for your life with the habits in place to live as the best version of you. You live life by design not by default. 

Team Talk

Build Healthy Relationships

Relationships with others are healed to create deep connections, understanding, boundaries and communication to form the bonds & support you desire and deserve.



Find True Purpose

We shift your life from autopilot into one of true meaning, passion, richness and purpose aligning you with a path in life that makes your heart sing.


Live Life With True Meaning

You become the director and manifestor of your own life vision to life life by design, aligned with your value system and have the confidence to put it into action.

Confident Woman

Confidence & Courage

Filled with a new passion for life, tools to support yourself & the courage and clarity to make it happen you are inspired to put your new plan of action into reality.

Wheat Field

Inspired By Ongoing Support

We support you post retreat with accountability and integration help in relationships, health and habits, lifestyle and business.



Transform Your Mind...Transform Your Life


Psychotherapy & Psychology

The Alive Psychologists and Psychotherapists are holistically trained in a East meets West philosophy to uncover the root cause of imbalance or crash, heal the past & help you build mental & emotional resilience. 

download (3).jpeg

Holistic Counselling

Our Holistic Counsellors work with you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to find harmony treating the whole person where every aspect of you and your life is uncovered to ensure you thrive.

heidi profile pic.jpg

Powerful Alive Coaching

Every client undergoes our complete Life Changing Tools Based Process for personal power, life integration & tools to become the best version of yourself & gives you radical results in the real world.

Personal Therapy

The Body Is A Great Teacher. It Is Also A Profound Healer.

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 11.55.57 am.png

Nutrition & The Alive DETOX

Specifically designed to ensure you regain your energy, heal gut health issues, reduce inflammation and balance your nervous system, the Alive diet is a key part of your transformation as you heal from the inside out.

Alternative Medicine


Working with our GP & nutritionists we create a natural treatment plan to ensure health longevity & healing for good. We believe in supporting the body's natural balance & see truly radical results quickly with our holistic treatment.


Naturopathy & Holistic GP

A complete holistic health assessment is an important part of your program to heal any physical health issues that can be driving the problem. We create a 12 week custom treatment plan that begins on retreat.

Oxygen Equipment Maintenance

Detox Therapies

We offer a range of detox therapies to speed the healing & rejuvenation process including IV Infusions, Custom Detox Programs, Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda techniques and more.


Testing & Analysis

Many clients have unseen gene, hormone or health issues that have been missed that can be causing many issues mentally. We get to the core of the issue with thorough testing to create a unique blue print for your health plan & treatment.

Acupuncture Close Up

Physical Rejuvenation

Our body work team includes Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Balinese Healers and Traditional Eastern Chinese bodywork to treat physical health issues in a supportive way that invoke the natural healing response.

Complimentary Medicine

Small Moments Of Peace Repeated Many Times Creates
Great Waves Of Change.

yoga alive wellness retreats bali.jpeg

True Yoga

Many of our clients have never experienced the True Yoga System. Full of beautiful philosophies for inner peace and self transformation we teach classes for the mind and the body that are specifically catered to you to build inner and outer strength using yoga as a therapy for body mind and soul reconnection.

Eyes Closed

Deep Relaxation

When you can truly let go of all the responsibilities, all the thoughts and all the issues - you find a state of true peace that builds clarity, confidence, inner wisdom and the ability to surrender. We give you permission through deep relaxation to let go, surrender and find yourself again.

alive retreat bannners.jpeg


Over our time with us you will find deep inner peace with your private guided meditation teachings to still the mind, create inner calm and remind you of who you truly are.

Become a master of focus, stillness & being with your SELF in as little as 7 days as you learn the art of the Alive meditation practices for mental clarity.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Our breath is an inbuilt relaxation system we carry everywhere with us. You will learn to use your breath to self calm, release stress on the go and get back in touch with your body, the present moment & who you really are in minutes. Through deep conscious breathing we unlock what is held in the body enabling us to cleanse on every level.

mindfulness retreats.jpeg


Retreat is a time to become present. When we are not present we lose touch with who we really are and create decisions out of chaos. Our mindfulness practices ensure you tap back into the natural beauty of daily life & the 'present' moment giving you time to just be you,  reflect & find the answers you are seeking within yourself.

Meditating on the Beach


Our mind is able to visualise worst case scenarios constantly. But it is also able to visualise the feelings, vision for our life and self that we truly desire & deserve. You will learn to see, feel and believe a new reality to experience the sensations you desire whenever you wish to. Through visualisation you will master the art of attraction.

Therapies For Inner Peace

Heal The Unseen. Release Patterns That No Longer Serve You.



Kinesiology unlocks the 'unseen' unconscious drivers and patterns behind our behaviour in a non confrontational way and gives us the awareness of ourselves to take back our power and give ourselves what it is we truly need. Kinesiology understands that the body has the answers and that through bringing the real issues to the surface we know what to heal ad release to move forward.

healing & therapy retreat.png

Energetic Healing

We have a range of energetic healers skilled at working with trauma and past issues. Rarely talking therapy can access the energetic realms where trauma is held. Our energy healers help clear, seal and reinforce your own personal power and energy enabling you to move forward free of 'weight and baggage' that you can articulate in words.


Sound Healing

Our sound healers  provide a deeply calming experience that is a huge fav at Alive. With multiple instruments, breathing and deep meditation you are lulled into a state of bliss as each musical instrument tunes the body and the mind into a sense of deep purification and letting go.



Hypnotherapy, whilst in a deeply relaxed state helps you change the meaning and association to painful events that keep you stuck. 

Working with your subconscious we re program beliefs that will help you step into the vision of yourself and your life that you want.

Healing Therapies
Adventure & Fun

The Healing Is In The Doing Of What Makes You Happy, Free & Inspired

adventure experiences


Our fun fitness & outdoor adventure activities help you feel free from responsibility and explore. From downhill bike rides, hikes, volcano climbs and white water rafting. The different retreat locations offers us a smorgasboard of beach and mountain outdoor adventures to enjoy.

Nature 1 .jpeg

Experience Real Nature

A huge part of your healing journey comes from being reconnected to the beauty of nature. In your stunning natural surrounds disconnected from the real world you soak up the peace and stunning views that our paradise locations provide. 

relaxation retreat

Fun &


Fun, warmth and support from your team is worked into every part of your journey. There is no need for this to be serious. We focus on celebrating you and your unique gifts and create an environment where you can truly practice being your authentic self without judgement. Tap into your full human potential and bring back your creativity.

Shift From Doing To Meaning


Lifestyle & Habits Coaching

The retreat is only just the beginning of the next stage of your life.

We ensure that your habits stick in the real world and with our high  performance and habits coaches you craft a life at home with the habits of the greatest self to ensure you succeed on every level.

City Map with Braille

Life Direction Coaching

Many of our clients are out of alignment or have lost their true life purpose. As you realise your own true human potential we craft pathways to turn your purpose into profit in may ways in the real world.


Career Coaching

Ready for a change of direction or serious  changes in your chosen career to support a life where you thrive in your purpose without losing yourself? We help you get clear on how to serve in your genius for the next part of your life using your skills.

Spotlight on a Rapper

Business Coaching

We often continue to work in our clients businesses post retreat for the greatest results using the Alive business model to streamline yourself, teams and business to become fast, easy, fun, effective & truly viable. We work with corporates, creatives and those at the top of their game to ensure their success with ease.

Life Business & Career Coaching
luxury retreat and rehab alive bali banner.jpeg

Your Retreat Haven

The choice is yours to experience the full Alive Transformation. Every unique luxury 5 star property on either the island of Bali, Los Angeles, Spain or Australia is hand picked to suit your taste and desired level of luxury and seclusion.

Your completely hidden hideaway ranges from luxury private 5 star villas, secluded island getaways or we bring our team to you wherever you are.

The choice is completely yours to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with full support in seclusion, surrounded by nature and peace worlds away from all of your responsibilities.

Choose Your Luxury LOCATION

How Can I Begin My Alive Journey?

To begin your Alive Journey simply request a confidential call back to create a program to suit your needs and to discuss your personalised treatment options in paradise.

  • Step 1 - Book A Confidential Call. This is not a sales call this is a complete holistic assessment to devise the best program options for you and give you immediate answers.

  • Step 2 - Receive a Personalised Quotation

  • Step 3 - Program Begins ASAP

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