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Harness the Power Within: 30 Days of Full Support with Alive Tools for Personal Mastery

Transform Your Life (Again!!!) in 30 Days with Alive Tools: Your Path to Health, Resilience, and Success


Dear Alive Alumni...

Simply because you had the courage to attend our program - it already means you are in the top 5% of humans on the planet - not the top 5% of the wealthy who only wish to create wealth - but the top 5% of humans on the planet who wish to have it all! Those that truly desire to better themselves and to serve others in a profound way and to live a life of true freedom in and out in ALL AREAS OF LIFE.

Are you ready to take charge of your recent learnings and turn your grand vision into reality post your retreat program? I hope so!

It's easy during retreat to put all the habits into place and to transform from who you were (mediocre) to who you want to be day in and day out (the greatest possible self). In the real world to pull this off in every life area requires a road map (that is proven to work), accountability (from the best of the best with a firm hand) and unconditional love and support with set deadlines so you HAVE TO become the greatest possible version of you in record time.


We are thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity to our VIP retreat clients who are seeking to align their internal success with their external achievements - a 30-day sprint to action all of the Alive tools in the real world for 2024, with the full support of our team online. Of course your program will be confidential and 1:1.

As a valued member of our Alive family, we understand that you have already experienced the incredible benefits of our Alive detox, mental health and full life overhaul program.


Now, imagine maintaining that unstoppable health you felt during the program and becoming the fittest, most vibrant version of yourself continues day to day at home.


Our 30-day sprint offers a holistic approach to:


  • Achieving your goals in 360 degree areas of life

  • Health reset (nutrition, herbs, supplements, fitness)

  • Mindset revamp (become your own resilient mindset coach)

  • Inner peace cultivation (reach guru status and become your own best friend)

  • Purpose in action (make the shift from doing to being and serving in grand ways)

  • Relationships and communication healing (eliminate all relationship issues and communicate with grace), and

  • Business and wealth creation for 2024 (to ensure you have a clear vision and goals to work with).

Using the proven Alive Process framework, let us guide you through the exciting details of this transformative journey where your own private team will help you achieve:

1. Maintaining Unstoppable Health

Remember the energy and vitality you experienced during the Alive detox program? Our 30-day sprint will help you sustain and even enhance that feeling by incorporating powerful health practices into your everyday life. Say goodbye to fatigue and unhealthy attachments to substances you no longer need or want and hello to radiant well-being!

2. Build Lasting Mental and Emotional Resilience

In your fast-paced world at home, mental and emotional resilience is crucial. With the Alive mindset tools and regular practice, you will develop the inner strength to navigate any challenge that comes your way. Our team will provide ongoing support and guidance to help you stay focused and empowered with tools you have learned but now get to integrate every day.

3. Inner Peace and Purpose

You will hit the pause button in life everyday and connect with your true self to remember your true purpose. Presence comes before purposeful action and you will master this. Our guided meditation, mindfulness, and deep relaxation practices will help you find your center every day with the full support of your private teachers also ready to coach you on stepping into your real daily purpose with action and intention. You will gain clarity, let go of attachments, and discover the peace and purpose you seek.

4. Stellar Relationships, Effective Communication, and Ultimate Life Plan

As you integrate the person you became at an Alive retreat into the real world, our team will stand by your side. Together, we will help you build stellar relationships, communicate with ease and grace, and create the ultimate life and business plan for 2024.


With achievable goals and strategies, you will pave the way to your dream life and scale your wealth and finances with less effort and greater power.

By taking part in this 30-day sprint, you will not only unlock your full potential but also benefit from the unwavering support of our dedicated team.


We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of our VIP retreat clients, who strive for both external success and internal fulfillment with ease and integrity.

Remember, this exclusive opportunity is limited to our VIP retreat clients who have already embarked on their journey with us. Now is your chance to accelerate your progress, bringing your 10-year life vision into reality within just 2 years.


Our Alive tools can positively impact your life, helping you become the best version of yourself and achieve the success you truly deserve - but only if you action them.

We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you. To secure your spot in the 30-day sprint, simply click the link below.

30 Day Light

1 x 360 Degree Life, Relationships, Health & Business Overhaul + 30 Day Plan (2 Hrs)

2 x High Performance Goals, Attitude & Mindset Sessions (1.5hr)

1 x Deep Dive Holistic Therapy Session To Uncover Hidden Road Blocks (1.5hr)

2 x Meditation, Relaxation & Mindfulness Sessions Including Spiritual Psychology

2 x Private Fitness Sessions & Healthy Eating Accountability 

Learn More

30 Day Intensive

1 x 360 Degree Life, Relationships, Health & Business Overhaul + 30 Day Plan (2 Hrs)

4 x High Performance Goals, Attitude & Mindset Sessions (1.5hr)

2 x Deep Dive Holistic Therapy Session To Uncover Hidden Road Blocks (1.5hr)

4 x Meditation, Relaxation & Mindfulness Sessions Including Spiritual Psychology

4 x Private Fitness Sessions & Healthy Eating Accountability 

Learn More

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