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Pesan waktu yang ditentukan untuk berbicara secara mendetail dengan retret atau fasilitator program Anda untuk penilaian mendetail tentang menyesuaikan program yang sesuai dengan Anda.


Hubungi kami sekarang


Untuk pertanyaan cepat atau pemesanan detail hubungi WA SMS nomor ini dan tim kami akan menelepon atau mengirim pesan kembali hari ini:

WHATSAPP:  +62 821 444 95 971

ID & WHATSAPP -+62 821 444 95 971

Inggris -+44 800 046 5436

KITA -+1 800 542-4592

AU -+61 1300796637

Interested In A Luxury Private Retreat?

zahra pic.png
Welcome to Alive. My name is Zahra.
I am the program director at Alive. I am here to walk you through exactly what program is best for you and introduce you to the outstanding team at Alive. I will answer all your questions via text, whatsapp email or on a call.
Leave your details below for immediate support and a no obligation wellness assessment to create your ultimate retreat to release all stress, revamp your health, cleanse the body and create inner calm. I will contact you immediately.
You want a private confidential program that is customised to your needs and you are the only guest?
You want the world's top team for wellness, detox, mental health, stress and addiction recovery all in one place?
You are ready to transform every area of your life in 5 star luxury at a secret exotic location?
Outstanding experience. For more than a year post my divorce I tried other programs before I found Alive. I didn't want group therapy, I didn't need rehab, a simple health retreat or therapy wasn't enough. I wanted to deal with all the issues at once - divorce, stress, loss of health, new direction, mental wellbeing and healing relationships. I accomplished it all in 21 days with my loving team where I only focused on me for the first time in years. Words cannot describe the skill and care of this team. Beyond grateful.
Loz, 55, USA, Mother of 4
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