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Luxury Private 5 Star Wellness Retreats For VIP's




5-star luxury wellness getaway


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VIP wellness retreat for executives


Exclusive & Confidential

High-end private retreat for health and well-being


Proven Results Since 2009

Luxury wellness resort for celebrities


Professional Holistic Team

Luxury wellness retreat for executives

5 Star

The Ultimate Experience

What We Do

alive luxury retreat for burnt out executives and vips

Private discreet 1:1 confidential luxury wellness escapes combined with the ultimate health, detox, de stress and emotional wellbeing programs offering a 15:1 team ratio to client for high net worth individuals seeking more than just a holiday. Staying in your own private 5 star villa with the highest level of service and facilities you will experience a retreat like no other.

You are the only guest working with a complete team of therapists, executive and high performance coaches, medical, biomedical, mental health and complimentary therapy practitioners providing you a one stop shop for the best possible results

Every luxury wellness program is created uniquely only for you to enjoy a profound holistic program including health and wellness retreats, stress and burn out retreats, detox retreats, emotional healing and mental health retreats and relationship retreats.

You will be welcomed by a highly experienced international team to support you in the complete transformation of your life, health, habits, relationships, self, business and more without judgement and with pure skill

Our programs are uniquely created for UHNWI's and VIP's understanding the unique issues you face in every area of your life

We offer an outstanding level of holistic excellence in treatment proven since 2009 and a life changing experience that is fun, enjoyable and gets you the results you want in all areas of your life

We go well beyond the traditional 'treatment facilities'  or 'just a retreat' and deliver a genuine life changing experience offering results in record time with a real, inspiring and utterly transforming approach to dealing with some of the toughest issues you may be facing

Alive luxury 5 star wellness and mental health retreat bali, soori bali

Our 5 star VIP Wellness Retreats with a bespoke team of top international experts offer you the ultimate once in a lifetime opportunity to de stress and renew every aspect of your health, life, relationships and business.

Download Packages

Download PDF Packages and Request A Call Back with More Info

Choose Your Program

luxury executive health and detox retreat private

360 Health & Wellness

Experience the ultimate private luxury Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat complete with detox, fitness, yoga, meditation, unlimited spa and massage, personalised cleanse, wellness sessions, healing sessions and more.

luxury private vip mental health treatment center

Our Luxury Private Holistic Mental Health Retreat offers a full support program that is designed to help heal and overcome mental health issues. Our high-end, luxury services are made with VIPs in mind, offering complete privacy and confidentiality. Our proven program is tailored to provide a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, in a luxurious and safe environment.

luxury private 5 star health and wellness retreat bali

Detox & Rejuvenate

Detoxify the body, heal health issues that are holding you back & rejuvenate your entire physical system with the Alive cleanse & luxury private executive level detox retreat to reset, energise & increase vitality. Lose bad habits and access the focus, vitality, energy and sleep you need to perform at your best.

luxury private couples marriage and divorce help retreats

Rebuild a connection first with yourself, heal relationship hurts & build healthy relationships with others to receive the support & connection you deserve through releasing resentment & radical forgiveness.

luxury private executive stress and burn out retreat and rehab

Overcome long term stress, eradicate burn out, heal your nervous system & create a life you love to thrive moving forward. Rejuvenate your whole system & recover fast with a holistic burn out program for executives and VIP's to reset on every level.

lmft, family separation retreats, family therapy retreats

Custom Programs

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality holistic wellness retreats and experiences. Our bespoke programs are tailored to the individual, group or corporate company, and are designed to be luxurious and effective. Our retreats are custom created to meet the needs of our clients, and 
we believe that a private and personalised approach to wellness can be life-changing. Contact us to custom design your program.

Luxury Private Residences

The choice is yours to experience the full Alive Transformation in your own private discreet hideaway. Every unique luxury 5 star property in Bali, is hand picked to suit your taste and desired level of luxury and seclusion.

Your completely hidden residence where you are the only guest ranges chosen by you for your unique tastes and expectations becomes your home away from home and eases the recovery process.

The choice is completely yours to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with full support in seclusion, surrounded by nature and peace worlds away from all of your responsibilities.

Luxury detox retreat for VIPs
Luxury recovery retreat for VIPs

We created our retreats not so you could escape life. But so life doesn't escape you.
Our clients are some of the most extraordinary people on the planet & just like you they are seeking a deep reconnection with themselves, to go deeper and beyond just a luxury reset....  but instead to fall in love with life again & succeed without losing themselves.

VIP wellness retreat

Are you ready to experience?

  • Access to world class expert support, tools and a proven program that makes sense all in one easy to access place?

  • To undergo an outstanding fast track program uniquely created for executives and VIP's where you can overhaul your health, fitness, energy, habits, mindset and life fast?

  • To feel understood, accepted and fully supported on your journey to balance, complete wellness and way beyond that?

  • To be on a journey with real people, a holistic team who have been in your shoes and who have lived through your experience and out the other side?

  • To find your energy and clarity again and build a relationship with your body and self that is built on care, love and kindness?

  • To have a succinct blue print to follow step by step on your path to life transformation?

  • To understand yourself and the inner workings of your mind and how to revamp your resilience and focus?

  • To have a step by step process to follow that is proven to work, in the right order, at the right time?

  • To embark on a journey of self discovery and rejuvenation that takes weeks not years?

  • To learn tools that will last you a lifetime for your health and long lasting happiness?

  • To release your stress and rejuvenate on every level?

  • To craft and structure a whole new life and direction for yourself complete with habits and action steps to bring it to life?

  • To re create a life vision that is meaningful and 100% fulfilling?

  • To shine just as you are, happy in your own skin and loving the life YOU have created for yourself?

alive luxury wellness retreat bali team

Meet Your Team

Meet the outstanding team of wellness experts ready to support you.

luxury detox retreat

The Alive Process

We believe in 360 degree life & health transformation. See how the transformational journey works.

luxury mental health retreats

Offering a range of profound wellness therapies for the body, mind and soul.

luxury burn out and stress retreat

Access the right program for you and our program guides & pricing to book your life changing experience.

Speak To Your Team

When you call our team today you will speak directly to your designated booking concierge.

Immediately you will receive an understanding of exactly what your unique program will include, the team that will be chosen uniquely for you, the specific therapies that will work best for you, the luxury residence of your choice and exact pricing for your 5 star villa and all inclusive wellness program and team working privately with you.

Simply contact us here and we will speak today.

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