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luxury private executive and de stress retreat and treatment program for vips

The Ultimate Luxury Private  de stress & burn out recovery  Program



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What We Do

alive luxury retreat for burnt out executives and vips

Private discreet 1:1 confidential treatment for stress with a 15:1 team ratio to client for mental health, life, health rejuvenation, relationship issues and life direction guidance uniquely created for high net worth individuals

You are the only guest working with a complete team of therapists, executive and high performance coaches, medical, biomedical, mental health and complimentary therapy practitioners providing you a one stop shop for the best possible results

Every program is created uniquely only for you to deal with a range of issues for stress, burn out, loss of health and habits, anxiety, depression, traumarelationship issues, loss of purpose and direction, addiction, mental health issues and more

You will be welcomed by a highly experienced international team to support you in the complete transformation of your life, health, habits, relationships, self, business and more without judgement and with pure skill

Our programs are uniquely created for UHNWI's and VIP's understanding the unique issues you face in every area of your life

We offer an outstanding level of holistic excellence in treatment proven since 2009 and a life changing experience that is fun, enjoyable and gets you the results you want in all areas of your life

We go well beyond the traditional 'treatment facilities'  or 'just a retreat' and deliver a genuine life changing experience offering results in record time with a real, inspiring and utterly transforming approach to dealing with some of the toughest issues you may be facing


  • Constantly doing, progressing & chasing and never taking the time to just be or even stop completely?

  • Buckling under the pressure & overwhelm of constant responsibility?

  • Running an endless race that gets you nowhere?

  • Pushing yourself to succeed at the expense of all things that matter in your life?

  • Constantly putting out fires, creating & achieving but never feeling truly happy, appreciative or worthy of all that you have created?

  • Trying to be superman/woman on a daily basis & please everyone?

  • Filling others cups before your own & feeling resentful?

  • Setting standards for yourself that are impossible to reach or being dictated by others to achieve the impossible?

  • Dealing with ongoing stress that never seems to end?

  • Never having enough harmony in your life and all life areas?

  • Tired and exhausted and lacking the energy and clarity needed to get things moving?

  • Losing your focus & inner strength?

  • Never getting around to have healthy habits in place or to help them stick?

  • Feeling exhausted and wondering when your zest for life will come back?

  • Losing your sense of self and can't control the non stop thoughts?

  • Can't remember the last time you felt present, clear, rested and refreshed?

  • Feeling as though no one understands what you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis?

  • Believing falsely that finding balance takes months or even years?

  • Feeling like your true purpose and meaning is slipping?

  • Feeling just plain over it and tired instead of EMPOWERED?

luxury treatment center for burn out and stress celebrities

Download Packages

Download PDF Packages and Request A Call Back with More Info
confidential burn out and stress recovery program

We created our de stress program not so you could escape life. But so life doesn't escape you.
Our clients are some of the most extraordinary people on the planet & just like you they are seeking a deep reconnection with themselves, to go deeper and beyond just a luxury reset....  but instead to fall in love with life again & succeed without losing themselves.


There is usually a REALITY SLAP that comes into play with health, relationships, ineffectiveness and the fear of losing all you have that is a gift for you to realise -  you are only human and you need to  reset, realign and rejuvenate to then recreate on all levels.

We believe in healing the below issues holistically and thoroughly for good:

  • Extreme Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Constant & Overwhelming Stress

  • Disconnection From Others, Life & Self

  • Loss Of Resiliency & Strength

  • Constant Overthinking & Excessive Worry

  • Extreme Perfectionism & Control

  • Bouts of Anxiety or Panic

  • Stress Related Illnesses

  • No Desire or Drive

  • Constant Need to Escape or Avoid

Personalized VIP burnout detox retreat
Executive Detox and De Stress Program

Physical Rejuvenation


Alive Biomedical Detox, Protocols Unique To You,

Nutrient IV & Ozone Therapies, Holistic Detox Methods & Nutritional Cleansing ... Your Detox Is Fast, Easy & Effective To Improve Your Sleep, Energy, Focus & Balance Your Nervous System Naturally.

VIP 5 Star Stress Retreat


Repair & Rebuild Relationships With All Who Surround You With Our Family & Relationship Experts.

Executive Mental Health Recovery Program

Mental & Emotional Resilience

Working with skilled Psychotherapists/ Psychologists, High Performance Live In Coaches, Holistic Counsellors & a Complimentary Therapy Team ... You will be empowered to change every aspect of your life in record time.

5 star luxury de stress retreat


Redesign Your Life Using The Alive Process for Building A Life You Love Full Of Real Purpose, Direction & Meaning... In Life and In Business.

Luxury Private Detox Retreat Program

Stress & Lifestyle

Your Alive Life & Business Coaches Ensure We Eradicate Stress Fast & Transform Your Lifestyle & Habits So Changes Are Made For The Long Term Ensuring Your Recovery Is A Success.

celebrity detox and de stress treatment program

Service Excellence

Be Supported By A Highly Skilled International 5 Star Team In Luxury Residences & Experience The Ultimate In Hospitality & Support. 

Luxury Private Residences

The choice is yours to experience the full Alive Transformation in your own private discreet hideaway. Every unique luxury 5 star property in Bali, is hand picked to suit your taste and desired level of luxury and seclusion.

Your completely hidden residence where you are the only guest ranges chosen by you for your unique tastes and expectations becomes your home away from home and eases the recovery process.

The choice is completely yours to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with full support in seclusion, surrounded by nature and peace worlds away from all of your responsibilities.

Luxury detox retreat for VIPs
support team.jpeg

I didn't realise the extent of my burnout until I reached Alive. My first conversation with the team highlighted the lack of inspiration I truly felt in many areas of my life but wasn't willing to admit.

Had I known that on the other side of this program the kind of life that was waiting for me - I would have done it years earlier.

No matter what I wanted to tackle there was someone there that had the answers, the tools and the know how to get the changes I wanted into place. In less than 2 weeks I slept well for the first time in years, my energy returned, I negotiated business changes that I had shelved for years, healed family issues I had been avoiding and created an entirely new plan for the rest of my life that didn't involve 'just retiring someday and enjoying life then.' 

The whole team... the care that is genuine... I'd never experienced before and the privacy to reset was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget and never regret. I honestly believe without this program I wouldn't be alive. Thank you Alive for helping me through a difficult period of life and for the ability to single handedly change nearly every aspect of my life.

Michael, CFO, Major World Bank, Hong Kong

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Tailored burnout prevention retreat for VIPs

Are you ready to experience?

  • Access to world class expert support, tools and a proven program that makes sense all in one easy to access place?

  • To feel understood, accepted and fully supported on your journey to balance, complete wellness and way beyond that?

  • To be on a journey with real people, a community of therapists who have been in your shoes and who have lived through your experience and out the other side?

  • To find your energy and clarity again and build a relationship with your body and self that is built on care, love and kindness?

  • To understand the cause of the crash and have a succinct blue print to follow step by step on your path to life transformation?

  • To understand yourself and the inner workings of your mind and know what to do with unhelpful stories, limiting beliefs, strong emotion and uncontrollable reactions?

  • To have a step by step process to follow that is proven to work, in the right order, at the right time?

  • To embark on a journey of self discovery and rejuvenation that takes weeks not years?

  • To learn tools that will last you a lifetime?

  • To befriend your mind and build a sense of self acceptance, calm and compassion?

  • To craft and structure a whole new life and direction for yourself complete with habits and action steps to bring it to life?

  • To re create a life vision that is meaningful and 100% fulfilling?

  • To shine just as you are, happy in your own skin and loving the life YOU have created for yourself?

alive luxury wellness retreat bali team

Meet Your Team

Meet the outstanding team of wellness experts ready to support you.

luxury detox retreat

The Alive Process

We believe in 360 degree life & health transformation. See how the transformational journey works.

luxury mental health retreats

Offering a range of profound wellness therapies for the body, mind and soul.

luxury burn out and stress retreat

Access the right program for you and our program guides & pricing to book your life changing experience.

Speak To Your Team

When you call our team today you will speak directly to the program manager, head therapist, your designated booking concierge and head of medical will be consulted - you will immediately experience the skill, empathy, understanding and get real answers as to how the team will work together with you to help you overcome the issues you are currently facing in all areas of your life.

Immediately you will receive an understanding of exactly what your unique program will include, the team that will be chosen uniquely for you, the specific therapies that will work best for you, the luxury residence of your choice and exact pricing.

Simply contact us here and we will speak today.

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