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*** This call is 100% confidential as per our terms here.

There are a few ways we can answer your questions & begin a thorough holistic assessment of your needs:

Click below to select a time that suits you in our calendar


This confidential call can be with yourself, a team personnel or family member close to you or management. 

​About Us

  • About Alive - Get to know your team, how the program will specifically work for your needs & get immediate answers on the call. Many clients tell us they get more out of one call with us than months of therapy. Our aim for the call is to give you immediate relief, understanding and fast answers for treatment.

  • Location - which is the best location for you?

  • Travel - private travel options & travel booking and assistance/escort

  • Your Bespoke Treatment Program -  what therapies & support are included in your holistic treatment program before, during and after using our 360 Degree Holistic Proven Program

  • Food & Dietary Requirements - our options & how to customise your needs

  • Your Luxury Villa & Private Accommodation - choosing the best option for your needs, security and privacy

  • Pricing - Each program is uniquely created for you. We will discuss starting price and custom create a proposal

About You - A Thorough Breakdown and Assessment

  • Prior to your call you complete a quick 3 min quiz which gives us both a fast snapshot of areas of concern and what to heal

  • Health & Lifestyle - we discover any health concerns that can be driving issues that are unseen and the habits and lifestyle you are leading that are impacting your ability to heal and thrive or have created a crash

  • Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing - we discover the tools you have or do not have, the current diagnosis or labels given to your presenting issues, the stress and pressure in your life & how we will rectify it holistically, we provide proof on the call as to how we heal tough issues in record time

  • Relationships - we look at those around you and closest to you and how to create the ultimate support team moving forward and heal what is causing unnecessary stress, drama and struggle

  • Life & Business - we look at every area of your life and create a plan to close the gaps and rectify issues quickly and holistically to reduce all stress, heal and move forward

  • Support - we look at your current support options, what is helping and what isn't, why traditional methods may not work for you and what methods you will love

  • What are your goals for total wellbeing and life transformation in every area of your life and business and exactly how we are going to achieve them

  • Therapies or therapists that will help you reach your goals & create the life you want

We look forward to meeting you!


The Alive Team

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