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Alive Luxury Retreat Booking Conditions & Services Disclaimer


This Agreement is between the following parties.



  1. Cinta Wellness of Singapore operating as Alive Luxury Retreats (Alive Luxury Retreat Directors Only) (US) referred to in this agreement as “Alive”

  2. Client (Retreat Attendee) - The actual and only person attending the retreat (YOU) referred to in this agreement as “The Client”


This booking agreement is legally binding and is acknowledged by a digital signature when commencing your online booking form on the Alive Luxury Retreats website (  This agreement is signed in person before your retreat commencement. Without this agreement a retreat or treatment program will not exist.

You acknowledge by digitally entering a booking form on our website that you agree and are legally bound to the below agreement.

This agreement ensures the health and safety of all retreat attendees, affiliates, subsidiaries and contractors to Alive Luxury Retreats. This agreement provides a fair and professional workspace to commence your retreat program and outlines the terms of your booking, the retreat attendee conduct from THE CLIENT and what Alive Luxury Retreats delivers based on the packages THE CLIENT have viewed on our website or that have been emailed to THE CLIENT for THE CLIENT to agree to.


Business Details

Please find our business contact details and tax information on your invoice, quotation and proposal.


ALIVE Luxury Retreats  holds all information in relation to a client 100% private and confidential. A confidentiality and NDA agreement is signed by both parties prior to the beginning of your stay with us. At your discretion, therapists may & can share personal information with each other to ensure that THE CLIENT receives the correct treatment. If you do not wish for therapists to share personal information, please advise prior to retreat start or at the time during session.

If at any time THE CLIENT requires off site treatment or testing their ID and passport must be given to 3rd party medical providers prior to treatment. ALIVE requests third party providers such as testing laboratories to sign an NDA and after testing to delete THE CLIENTs details. 

If THE CLIENT requires any hospital services of any kind THE CLIENT must handle their own information and payment directly with those services as ALIVE has no way of protecting THE CLIENTs identity in this setting.

Prior Notice/Booking Requests

We require more than 72 hours notice to create your retreat program. We reserve the right to reject or cancel a booking request if we believe that our retreat setting is not right for your individual scenario or if we are unable to fulfill your requests. If your retreat stay is urgent please contact us immediately.


Personal health and client history forms are to be completed before each retreat thoroughly so that we can treat your circumstances and issues with diligence. 

These forms must be completed by the person attending retreat. A retreat cannot begin without this vital information and all forms are required 48 hours before your retreat starts. 

We also advise THE CLIENT to consult your health carer if you have any preexisting medical conditions and ensure that our treatment is suitable for THE CLIENT and that you do so prior to booking. 

It is imperative that THE CLIENT offer us a full outline of the issues you wish to confront and move past during your retreat stay including ALL health and emotional/mental health history. If information is withheld and your treatment is deemed insufficient then ALIVE Luxury Retreats cannot be held responsible. 

We require personal and health information so that your team can be chosen to suit your specific needs and to ensure that we are properly equipped to take excellent care of you.

THE CLIENT agrees to our health disclaimer, therapeutic agreement when filling out your health form prior to attending retreat.

ALIVE Luxury Retreats and all subsidiaries, partners, contractors or employees will not be held responsible for any injury or harm physical or emotional that THE CLIENT incur whilst in our care. Please use your own personal judgment when considering the advice of our health professionals and consult your own health providers when required.

When THE CLIENT completes your health information we require you to agree to a health consent and liability disclaimer agreement. Without this agreement we cannot offer THE CLIENT our services.

Treatment Programs

ALIVE offers health, mental health and addiction treatment programs for the following conditions and each case is considered individually:

Health Conditions - Detox & Biomedical Treatment for weight issues, exhaustion or fatigue, loss of health due to poor habits, toxicity, nutritional deficiency, illness, hormone imbalance, gut health infection or absorption concerns, virus recovery, infection recovery, immune deficiency, diabetes 2. 

Prior to proposal or treatment commencing ALIVE may recommend that further tests are required in order to formulate a treatment plan. All previous health information and tests MUST be handed over to ALIVE via email or when completing the health form prior to arrival by THE CLIENT and not another party.

We do not treat the following health conditions:


Major organ malfunction or disease

Unknown health issues  

Health issues that require hospital services for monitoring, testing or diagnosis

If a client presents with these conditions during their program they will be referred to the closest hospital without notice and emergency contacts will be notified to hand over care.

Mental Health Conditions - Detox, Therapy & Biomedical Treatment for burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief.

Prior to proposal THE CLIENT must complete (and not another party) their complete health and mental health history. Without this information no proposal will be given. All previous diagnosis, tests and important information must be provided from previous mental health care workers including most recent reports or diagnosis.

We do not treat the following mental health conditions or clients experiencing the following symptoms:

Bipolar disorder



Clients in highly manic or delusional states

Severe eating disorders

Personality disorders

Severe neurodegenerative disorders or severe cognitive decline

If a client presents with these conditions during their program they will be referred without notice to the closest Psychiatric Facility and emergency contacts will be notified to hand over care.

Addiction - Detox, Therapy & Biomedical Treatment with substance limits under the international guidelines for residential rehab for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, GHB, prescription medicines, sex, gambling.

Prior to proposal THE CLIENT must complete (and not another party) their complete health and mental health history including honest levels of their daily substance use and addictions. Without this information no proposal will be given. All previous diagnosis, tests and important information must be provided from previous mental health care workers including most recent reports or diagnosis.

We do not treat the following addictions or clients experiencing the following symptoms:


Crystal meth


Any addiction that exceeds the residential rehab guidelines for appropriate treatment settings

Clients who require a hospitalized medical detox due to the current daily levels that are above residential rehab treatment guidelines.

If a client presents with these substances in their urine or blood tests during their program they will be referred without notice to the closest Medical Detox Facility and emergency contacts will be notified to hand over care.

Packages & Pricing​

Pricing and the package/program is unique to each attendee. THE CLIENT must view and agree to a retreat quote in writing prior to processing THE CLIENT booking and THE CLIENT acknowledges when booking that you agree to the package specifically created for you that outlines all of the retreat inclusions and sessions included during your stay with ALIVE. 

The program and package created for THE CLIENT is:

  • Created based on the information THE CLIENT has given ALIVE in forms and recorded calls prior to arrival.

  • If the information THE CLIENT has submitted to ALIVE is incorrect, lacking detail or is dishonest ALIVE reserves the right to alter your package or cancel your program on arrival based on what is required to sufficiently serve your needs and to ensure sufficient treatment is delivered to THE CLIENT. Any changes made to your package based on the status of your mindset and health on or after arrival should it differ from the original package will be forwarded to you in writing and ALIVE will provide a new quotation for services to continue. These changes are only made after careful multidisciplinary team observation. THE CLIENT can accept or reject the changes. If THE CLIENT rejects changes, ALIVE will cancel the treatment program. THE CLIENT agrees and understands that if ALIVE cannot continue treatment that no refund will be given. 

  • If ALIVE wishes to change the program due to clients needs THE CLIENT if coherent and of right mind will be consulted and all changes and pricing must be agreed to by THE CLIENT. If THE CLIENT is not of right mind or coherent, emergency contacts will be consulted to make changes deemed medically necessary for THE CLIENT's benefit..

  • If neither THE CLIENT or the emergency contact are able to make a decision due to extreme circumstances (e.g. emergency treatment is required) ALIVE reserves the right to alter treatment and charge THE CLIENT without notice including for any treatments required offsite e.g. hospitalization or emergency medical care that cannot be provided in a residential setting.

  • If changes to treatment or emergency care is required and THE CLIENT is incapacitated the next of kin or emergency contact will be contacted to make the decision. If they are unavailable and treatment is urgent, ALIVE reserves the right to make changes to treatment without consent.

  • The package we have quoted is based on your needs, desires, wants and necessary treatment as discussed prior to arrival. If THE CLIENT wishes to change any part of your program on arrival a new quotation will be given and must be agreed to by both THE CLIENT and ALIVE for changes to be made and charges processed.


The Support Role of ALIVE Retreat Host, Facilitator and Client Manager 

THE CLIENT understands and agrees that THE CLIENT manager, host and facilitators are not certified therapists and nor does their advice negate the advice of the health, medical and qualified therapists and counselors on the team. Their role is to support THE CLIENT outside therapy hours and ensure the team is delivering exactly what is stated. 

The retreat host, facilitator & client managers offer the following services and complete this role in the allotted time slots each day that is quoted for and within the retreat schedule hours.

If THE CLIENT requires extra time with this/these person/s for further assistance, THE CLIENT must request this directly with the ALIVE office via email for an adjusted quote prior to arrival. The level of support required for each guest varies and is quoted based on your needs and requests prior to arrival based on the information you have supplied. 

The ALIVE Retreat Team Support Services:

  • Daily personal support staff as per your quotation hours designated, 24/7 support if requested and quoted for

  • All wellness sessions as per your quotation with your full wellness retreat team

  • Daily facilitation, management and direction of your program and team

  • Liaison with accommodation management to ensure the highest quality setting for your experience

  • Booking and management of therapies and adventure activities if booked by ALIVE

  • Liaison between yourself and ALIVE office

  • Collation of all information gathered in every session including therapy reports

The ALIVE Retreat Team Medical & Therapeutic Services are chosen uniquely for each client and is clearly stated in your proposal based on the information you have supplied prior to arrival including:

  • Program Director (Team Contact Only)

  • Consulting Psychiatrist

  • Consulting & Supervising Clinical Psychologist (Team Contact Only)

  • Psychologist and Counsellor

  • Medical Doctor (emergency and detox)

  • Medical Nurse (detox)

  • Integrative Medicine Doctor

  • Naturopath

  • Nutritionist

  • Life & Wellness Coach

  • Executive Coach

  • Holistic Counselor

  • General Retreat Manager

  • Acupuncturist

  • Massage and Spa Personnel

  • Personal Trainer

  • Yoga and Meditation Teachers

  • Breathwork Facilitators

  • Energetic Healers

  • Kinesiologists

  • Hypnotherapists

The ALIVE Office Roles & Services:

  • Liaison with your team, family or personnel as required in relation to THE CLIENT program only when requested by you

  • Any and all details about THE CLIENT prior to or on retreat will not be discussed with any of THE CLIENTs family members or friends prior, during or post retreat without the written consent of THE CLIENT

  • Liaison with THE CLIENT or your personnel directly in regards to your booking needs 

  • Management of your retreat schedule and team

  • Liaison with accommodation management booked by ALIVE

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport and whilst at retreat 

  • Security arrangements

  • All required retreat documentation, agreements and payments

  • Booking and management of therapies, therapists and activities 

What your Support Team, ALIVE office or Therapeutic Team does NOT offer or allow or engage with before, during and after your retreat experience:

  • Out of your designated program hours phone calls that are not a genuine emergency if 24/7 service has not been requested and included in your quotation

  • Text messages or emails that are inappropriate, disrespectful, abusive or not professional

  • Excessive or personal contact with any team member of  ALIVE through their own personal contact channels. Contact with ALIVE personnel is only through the ALIVE email, whatsapp or phone. The team will not respond to any personal phone or social media messages.

  • Personal shopping for goods that are not already supplied in your accommodation or as a part of your program unless you have requested a full time assistant on your program. This includes requests for medication that have not been supplied by the ALIVE Medical Doctor.

  • Personal assistant roles that do not pertain to your program management (phone calls, emails, research, business duties).

Contact With The ALIVE Therapists and Extended Team


All contact with the ALIVE team members is done through the ALIVE booking concierge/manager. Do not share your details with any team member or take details from any team member. 


This is in place to protect THE CLIENT/therapist relationship and to ensure your confidentiality and privacy is protected AT ALL TIMES including before and after retreat. 


If THE CLIENT shares their details with a therapist or team member or contacts them directly the ALIVE Confidentiality and Booking Conditions is immediately void and we will not be held responsible for any breach of privacy or confidentiality nor will be held responsible for the level of care or therapy you are given by this contractor without the guidance of ALIVE Management.

Payment required by THE CLIENT

  • At the time of booking - 50% Payment is required by credit card only, 7 Days Before Your Program Final 50% Payment is required for program to commence 

  • All Extra Payments Incurred During Retreat Are Processed Prior To Leaving Retreat With Your Credit Card held on file. 

  • Retreat program is not finalised until all payments are received.

  • All Prices Are Inclusive Of Government Tax

  • All Payments Are Non Refundable And Non Transferrable Regardless Of Circumstance

  • Prices are in USD unless noted otherwise 

  • Credit Card Processing Fee Added to Total = 2.9%


Failure of retreat cost and payment post completing your booking form will result in legal action.

The costs of legal action will also be your responsibility and will be charged to THE CLIENT.

Why Our Payment / Non Cancellation Terms Are Strict

We are not a resort, a hospital or a clinical or medical treatment facility. 

We are a small business offering specific and highly valuable health care and retreat experiences to unique individuals. Unfortunately if a situation arises where THE CLIENT cannot attend retreat for any reason, we cannot refund or transfer your booking. 

Regardless of circumstances, our running costs are paid in advance (your accommodation, food, chef, wellness team, therapy, travel, extensive booking time and coordination etc.) and all payments are non refundable & non transferable. To continue our operation as a small business in the health industry and to continue to be able to help others, employ a world class team and lease world class facilities our retreat costs are paid well in advance and to continue to be able to pay those costs we cannot refund or transfer your booking.

Payment Via Somebody As A Gift

It is common for family members, companies or friends to offer payment for a retreat as a gift or loan. Regardless of the agreement between the paying person and the retreat attendee, if these are the payment details we are provided with, these are the payment details that we withhold and process for all retreat costs and costs incurred during retreat and this person is responsible for all quoted retreat costs, incurred costs during retreat and damage to property should any occur. If you are the paying person, we require a written email/text message of consent with the booking form to confirm your agreement to these terms and future payments. As the paying person please note that you are responsible for all payments in relation to THE CLIENT you are paying for.

The retreat attendee agrees to all booking and retreat conditions and the paying person. The retreat attendee acts on behalf of the paying person and the paying person when supplying their credit card details agrees to these conditions by proxy. We reserve the right to process any payments quoted and incurred during retreat without prior notice to the credit card holder. It is the responsibility of THE CLIENT to ensure that the paying person understands and agrees to these conditions before offering their details.

Private Health Insurance

No part of our program is covered by private health insurance that THE CLIENT may have in your own country of residence and THE CLIENT understands that getting cover from their insurance is their responsibility if they wish to do so and ALIVE will not have any involvement with the said insurance company.

Fit & Well To Travel

It is a condition of this booking that THE CLIENT is fit and well to travel at the time of booking and travel.

Travel and Medical Insurance

It is a condition of your booking that THE CLIENT have international travel insurance. Proof of this is required before the program will start.

Schedule & Time Management


Your program and schedule is designed by the program facilitator and managers based on years of experience and what works and what is required for your healing, health and mental health. 


This schedule cannot be altered by THE CLIENT and THE CLIENT agrees to attend every session unless agreed differently by the program manager.


We do not tolerate lateness to any sessions.


Every member of the team inside and outside the retreat is paid for their set time and this is factored into your budget. 


To maintain access to some of the greatest therapists that exist - we respect their time and so does THE CLIENT committing to the schedule and plan for each day and week.


We stay on time with the schedule each day. THE CLIENT cannot change or dictate the schedule in any way.

Nutrition and Food Plan


Diet is a large and key part of our program for healing the physical body and mental health issues. The diet is designed taking into consideration your blood results, LBA and advice from Naturopath, GP, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. The diet cannot be altered in any way and requires a commitment from the guest to undergo a specific diet to suit the health needs of the body - and not the tastes preferred.

Smoking, Alcohol & Illegal Drugs

Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.


Smoking is prohibited in all inside areas. Smoking in your accommodation room or inside areas will not be tolerated and you will risk cancellation of your program.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited. If alcohol is found in your residence or in urine tests your program will be immediately canceled and no refund offered.

If any illicit drugs are found in your residence during your retreat program the police will be called without notice and your program will be immediately canceled and no refund offered.

Note: Bali is one of the ALIVE locations. Bali Indonesia has very strict draconian laws for drug use. The accommodation providers or ALIVE are legally required to notify the police of suspected or proven drug use. The penalty in Bali for any illegal drug is death. No one is above this law. If you bring any illegal drugs into Indonesia or our program you are risking your life.

Illness & Detoxification

Detox protocols are directed by the medical team and not THE CLIENT, clients family or outside medical personnel. Medical detox protocols are directed by the Psychiatrist according to the residential rehab guidelines.

It is common on retreat for some to experience ill side effects to a cleanse or detox (if THE CLIENT chooses it) including headache, body ache, nausea, digestive upset, lethargy, emotional changes and more. 

Everybody is unique in how they handle a cleanse and change of environment (e.g. a tropical environment and changes to diet and water) as we all have different levels of resilience. ALIVE assists in managing these symptoms naturally and by slowing down the ‘healing crises’ by slowing down the detox or aiding symptoms naturally as prescribed by our in-house wellness team, GP or Psychiatrist. 

We are not comfortable and do not recommend any form of extreme detox including fasting during your stay with us. The ALIVE Detox is extremely gentle but THE CLIENT can expect to experience side effects from cleansing the body of toxic build up or giving up sugar, alcohol, medication etc. 

Not all programs include a detox menu or medicine so please discuss this with your retreat manager.

Phone & Laptop Access


There is scheduled time during the program hours and evenings to have access to phone and laptop, to talk to loved ones and to attend to any urgent business affairs. Outside that time the phone and laptop are kept in a safe. This ensures that you can take the time to detox from responsibility, technology and the constant distraction of matters outside the retreat. If access to technology is anyway detracting from your ability to focus on your program we reserve the right to remove all items and return them upon leaving.

Leaving The Facilities


Although we do not restrict our clients, lock them in or take away their contact from the outside world we do maintain control over their whereabouts at all times. Clients cannot leave the facilities without a host, escort and driver as well as notifying the program manager prior to leaving. If a client leaves the facilities without notice the program is immediately canceled and THE CLIENT agrees that ALIVE are not responsible for THE CLIENT with anything that may occur from them leaving the retreat facilities. If THE CLIENT has any visitors enter the program at any time without prior notice and agreement from the facilitator the program is immediately canceled.

Property & Accomodation

Villas and accommodation are chosen for your needs and tastes. We clearly state the level of accommodation in your retreat proposal and you choose the accommodation to suit your tastes, budget and needs. 

Accommodation is not managed or owned by ALIVE Retreats, if situations arise that are out of direct control in regards to property maintenance or management we cannot be held responsible but will liaise with the management of the property to ensure a high standard of luxury, service and standard during your stay with us.

Each unique property has their own rules and policies. These will be clearly outlined on arrival and must be adhered to by THE CLIENT. If THE CLIENT dismisses or disobeys the rules of the accommodation or facility the general manager reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice or refund. If this is the case, ALIVE will also cancel the program.

Credit card details will be required as a bond for any damages to accommodation on your behalf during your stay and security deposits are the responsibility of THE CLIENT if required. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, THE CLIENT allows us to process payments on THE CLIENT chosen credit card for costs incurred by you within your accommodation whilst attending your retreat. 

All costs will be outlined and forwarded to THE CLIENT in the form of a written invoice and payment receipts will be provided. At all times ALIVE will communicate to you clearly any extra charges that you request at the time of request. If the clients program is canceled for any reason outlined in this agreement this also applies to the accommodation booking in its entirety. 

Searching Of Personal Items


At any time without your consent or prior notice we may request a random search of personal items and space to ensure that no alcohol or drugs have entered the premises. 

This includes any support guests staying with you.

Support Guests


If THE CLIENT wishes to have any support guests attend your program here are the stipulations:


  • Support guests are confirmed PRIOR TO RETREAT START and cannot arrive after the start date without a minimum of 48 hrs notice and only if agreed on by the ALIVE program management

  • Guests are interviewed by the program manager prior to arrival to ensure that they will support your program and not distract the program, you or team in anyway

  • Support guests or any visitors can only enter the space if there is a prior agreement with the facilitator 

  • We are not a resort and this is not a holiday, any guests attending must abide by the rules and workings of a mental health treatment program and rehabilitation facility

  • Any support people will also undergo the same detox/health changes that you will whilst with us and refrain from alcohol or drug use (e.g. they will follow the same diet and detox protocol)

  • We have the right to remove guests if they distract or are not supportive of the program at any time without warning

  • Support guests are to have their own schedule and give THE CLIENT space during the program hours from 7am - 7pm

  • Support guests can attend some aspects of the program if stipulated by the program facilitator

  • Support guests may undergo their own therapy program whilst staying with us and this is confirmed prior to arrival with their own personal quotation for services


In case of accident or emergency (e.g. THE CLIENT injures yourself or becomes ill whilst staying at our venue) ALIVE can recommend or assist in transferring you to the appropriate medical facility. 

In case of emergency:

We will notify your emergency contact listed in your health form. Please note we do not offer a support service to clients outside our retreat. Your emergency contact will be required to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing once you leave the ALIVE Luxury Retreat.

If at any time THE CLIENT's emergency contact is not contactable THE CLIENT agrees that ALIVE takes no responsibility for the wellbeing and care of THE CLIENT.  

THE CLIENT understands that they are liable for the management of their own medical insurance and any costs associated with any care within a hospital or institution outside of the retreat.

ALIVE provides a nurturing and safe environment strictly following the international standards for residential mental health and addiction treatment. 

These standards are not negotiable. 

Our program is thoughtfully planned & executed with a skilled team of support and wellness personnel. However we are not a psychiatric treatment center or hospital and do not offer 24 hr medical care unless requested and quoted for during the first stages of a medical detox. At any time if 24 hour medical or psychiatric care is required it will be off site at a designated medical facility. ALIVE reserves the right to admit a client to a medical facility should an emergency arise.


We classify an emergency in the following ways:

Client medical vitals are consistently abnormal over more than a 4 hour period

Client has a physical accident that cannot be treated in a residential setting

Client is experiencing severe detox symptoms or illness that require 24 hour hospitalization

Client is unconscious or unable to be woken

Client has consumed alcohol or illicit drugs during treatment 

Client has consumed medication not directed by the psychiatrist or medical doctor

Client is experiencing symptoms of psychosis

Clients behavior is unsafe to team

Client is a harm to self or others

Client is threatening suicide

Liability Disclaimer

By participating in any retreat organized by ALIVE Luxury Retreats, you acknowledge and agree to the following liability disclaimer. This disclaimer outlines ALIVE Luxury Retreats' position regarding injuries or damages that may occur during our retreats.


Assumption of Risk:
You acknowledge and assume all inherent risks associated with participating in retreat activities organized by ALIVE Luxury Retreats. These risks may include, but are not limited to, physical or health injuries, property damages, or other unforeseen incidents.


Waiver of Liability:
ALIVE Luxury Retreats does not accept any responsibility or liability for injuries or damages that may occur during the retreat. This includes injuries or damages caused by accidents, negligence, or any other circumstances.

You agree to indemnify and hold ALIVE Luxury Retreats harmless from any claims, losses, or expenses arising from your participation in the retreat. This indemnification also covers any legal costs incurred in defending against such claims.


If any part of this disclaimer is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. This ensures that the overall intent of the disclaimer is preserved.

Acceptance and Understanding:
Please read and understand this disclaimer in its entirety before participating in the retreat organized by ALIVE Luxury Retreats. Your participation indicates that you have accepted and fully understood the terms outlined herein.

Note: It is important to consult with a legal professional to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of this liability disclaimer for ALIVE Luxury Retreats.

Health Consent & Health Disclaimer

When agreeing to these booking conditions THE CLIENT is agreeing to the following statements:

I am seeking to consult ALIVE Luxury Retreats and its holistic health practitioners in their capacity to aid me in finding a balanced approach to health and wellness and understand that ALIVE offers a special interest in nutritional, holistic, alternative and environmental health and wellbeing in combination with medical treatment. 

I consent that I am able and willing to participate in all elements of the ALIVE program. 

I understand that I have the right to raise and discuss any concerns with any elements within the ALIVE program but I agree that the final program and inclusions are at the discretion of the program director and are determined based on my needs with my best interest at heart.

Elements of the ALIVE program include and are not limited to:

Therapy - these sessions are a combination of and could include Psychiatry, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Holistic Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP.   

Coaching - Our coaching process covers every area of your life with wellness professionals & therapists here to inspire, educate & transform. 

Yoga - Yoga at ALIVE is used as a therapy and is a crucial element of the ALIVE process. In your yoga session you will experience the connection between the mind, the body and the breath and how to learn to create presence, release what you are holding on to and become centered within yourself. Our yoga teachers are highly skilled therapists & through breathing, releasing and finding stillness you begin to get back in touch with who you truly are. 

Meditation - ALIVE meditation classes are for beginners and are powerful in helping you truly realize who you are beyond your role in the world helping you tap back into your true nature and self. 

Fitness and Adventure - This could consist of a private PT class, including cardiovascular activity, boxing, weight lifting. Other forms of fitness include outdoor activities such as tennis, surfing, volcano climbs, snorkeling and bike rides.

Cultural Experiences - Holy water temple and visit and purification, immersion into daily Bali life in local villages and Balinese healings and blessings. 

Healing and wellness sessions - These private sessions could consist of Kinesiology, physiotherapy, sound healing, breathwork, oxygen therapy, ice baths and acupuncture.

Spa sessions - Massage, hot stone therapy, facials etc 

THE CLIENT understands that and agrees to:

This means that we offer a more holistic approach to patient diagnosis and care with an approach primarily involving diet, natural supplementation, exercise, lifestyle and stress management & support, therapy and understanding to help THE CLIENT reach your goals. 


I understand that ALIVE does not offer a mainstream medically supported health and wellness process unless a clinical or medically monitored detox or protocol is requested by THE CLIENT and/or recommended by the ALIVE team.


I understand and agree that ALIVE is not a psychiatric facility or hospital with a full time medical clinic or staff onsite and offers no such treatment, diagnosis and extreme use of medication that would normally be found in a clinical situation or hospital. Instead a medical team will be engaged if it is required for your treatment including 24 hour care if required on site. 


I understand and agree that sessions and services are provided by third party contractors and they are not employees of ALIVE. I confirm that if there is ever an issue with any of the ALIVE third party contractors It will be handled as per the dispute resolution guidelines outlined in this agreement and I agree to follow this process. 


I understand and agree that ALIVE charges an agreed upon rate for retreats prior to starting the retreat and I understand and agree to this rate by accepting a quotation digitally.


I understand and agree that ALIVE may offer some of the recommended products for purchase including supplements and educational materials but I understand that I am not obliged at any time to purchase unless I feel that it is for my best interest.


I understand and agree that if I request extra therapies, travel or  activities during my retreat program that my designated credit card will be charged for these at the time and an ALIVE team member will notify me of these charges before purchasing.


I understand and agree that some of the treatment suggestions (e.g. nutritional or digestive supplements) offered by ALIVE are considered to be outside the parameters of conventional medicine in the western world. Some of our treatments fall under the category of complementary or alternative medicine. These interventions are in the majority of cases are supported by well researched evidence based on the findings of reputable Scientists, Neurologists, GP's, Nutritionists, Naturopaths and many more reputable and qualified health professionals and are only prescribed with utmost care based on our own findings of what is helpful in assisting THE CLIENT recover your physical, mental and emotional health. I understand that I am to use my best judgment on what is right for me and for me only.


I am attending ALIVE Luxury Retreats of my own free will and consent as an informed adult taking responsibility for my own health and my own actions exercising my right to discuss and choose any useful and suitable treatment(s), exercise, activities & therapy made available to me.


I verify that all of the information in my correspondence (by phone, email, booking and health forms) is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that if I have withheld vital information that this can be detrimental to my health and the wellbeing of others providing the program. I vow to be truthful, open and honest in my communication with all ALIVE Health Professionals at all times during my program.


I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my own health and that I will/do not now or in the future hold ALIVE Wellness responsible for any injury or loss that results from attending a retreat. I understand that I am responsible at all times for making the right decisions for my own health.


I waive, release and discharge from any and all liability, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this retreat.


I indemnify, hold harmless and will not sue, the entity and/or persons, directors and contractors at ALIVE and waive them from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of attending the retreat, whether caused by the negligence of release or otherwise.

Responsibility & Willingness

We each are responsible for our own experience. …

We endeavor with passion and expertise to provide THE CLIENT with a personalised program that enables THE CLIENT to reach your individual goals as you have expressed to us prior to your retreat start. 

However we offer no guarantee that THE CLIENT will achieve your individual goals or experience your individual desires within a short time frame; some skills may take some of us weeks and others a lifetime. Our personal objectives can only be reached over time and with effort and may or may not be reached within your stay with us. 

We cannot guarantee that THE CLIENT will feel a certain way within a certain time though you can be assured that we do everything in our power to help THE CLIENT reach your goals. 

Be assured that we will always do our best to ensure that you receive your specified treatments in accordance with your specific needs and offer THE CLIENT full support on your journey to health and wellness. 

Taking responsibility for your health and your actions will give you the best possible opportunity to make the most of an outstanding experience.

Retreat Behavior and Etiquette


THE CLIENT understands and agrees to the following behavior at all times during their retreat program:


  • THE CLIENT shows their commitment and willingness to complete the program by attending all sessions on time unless serious illness prevents them from doing so

  • THE CLIENT respects all accommodation and ALIVE team members by speaking kindly and calmly and using basic manners

  • THE CLIENT refrains from directing the team and staff to undertake any role that is outside the recommendations of the program director and facilitator 

  • THE CLIENT refrains from foul language or abuse of any staff member

  • THE CLIENT agrees to listen when being spoken to and refrain from talking over the top of team members

  • THE CLIENT refrains from physical contact or touching any team member unless initiated by that team member

  • THE CLIENT commits to daily hygiene without prompt or assistance

  • THE CLIENT respects their accommodation space by keeping it clean and tidy 

Cancellation Of Your Program By ALIVE

We reserve the right to cancel your program before or after the retreat start date if the following occurs:

If any of the above conditions are not adhered to


Threats of self harm;

Threats to harm others;




Damage to property;

Distraction to others programs;

Leaving the property without permission;

Bringing others into the property without permission;

An unwillingness to commit to or continue the program;

A medical emergency arises that requires urgent psychiatric treatment in a facility or hospitalization due to medical emergency;

Evidence or if we suspect use of illicit drugs or alcohol during your program;

Any consumption of alcohol or any mind/behavior altering substance;

Diagnosis of issues we do not treat;

Disrespect to any staff member or affiliate of ALIVE Luxury Retreats;

Failed payment;

Not providing ALIVE with accurate information about your personal situation including withholding what any therapist of the ALIVE Team classifies as vital health, mental health or personal  information to provide THE CLIENT with the upmost care;

& anything else we deem to be unlawful or damaging circumstances.

If your program is canceled due to the above it is a condition of your booking agreement that THE CLIENT understands that no refund will be offered.

If THE CLIENT chooses to vacate or cancel a retreat setting prior to end of the retreat, they do so of their own free will and understand that no refund will be offered.

Cancellation of The Retreat Program By ALIVE Luxury Retreats

We reserve the right to cancel a retreat program due to any unforeseeable circumstances that are out of our direct control and inhibit us from delivering the promised program at the stated date. If this ever occurs ALIVE will offer another suitable date, close to the original date or transfer your booking. This can include government orders or mandates and natural disasters. ALIVE will advise THE CLIENT immediately of any such changes. ALIVE will always work with you to find the best possible solution if such circumstances should ever happen. If the retreat and program is canceled for whatever reason this includes all accommodation bookings.

Force Majure

ALIVE will also not be liable to you for any damages caused by a force majeure event, which includes, but is not limited to, any acts of God, acts of a public enemy, acts of the federal, state or local government in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, insurrection, civil disturbance, fires, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, labor disputes, acts or omissions of carriers, transmitters, cable, satellite and telephone services and providers, internet providers and servicers, vandals and hackers. ​

Agreeing to our Terms

By THE CLIENT, you, the attendee signing a retreat quote or recognising via a web form that you have viewed and understood these conditions THE CLIENT immediately agree to these booking conditions and confirm your retreat attendance and these conditions outlined in this quotation are legally binding. By booking via our web form THE CLIENT understands that you are entering a legally binding agreement.

Entire Agreement 


This document reflects the entire agreement between ALIVE Retreats and THE CLIENT, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This Agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations. The Agreement may not be amended, altered or supplemented except in writing signed by both the ALIVE Management and THE CLIENT.

Dispute Resolution 


If a dispute arises or THE CLIENT is unsatisfied with a third party ALIVE team member or something specific within the program or on retreat THE CLIENT is required and agrees to the following process

  • Client is to to advise the ALIVE client manager or facilitator immediately at the time of issue or within the same day at the latest 

  • The ALIVE facilitator or Manager will intervene and mediate with the purpose to resolve the issue between THE CLIENT and 3rd party team member 

  • If the issue can not be resolved within 24 hours, ALIVE take no responsibility for the 3rd party team member and will remove themselves from the mediation process

  • ALIVE will not take responsibility for any issues raised or complaints made by THE CLIENT, a family member or support person at a later date or post retreat 


If a dispute arises out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved by mutual consent, THE CLIENT and ALIVE agree to attempt to mediate in good faith for up to (certain amount of time such as 7 days) after notice given. If the dispute is not so resolved, and in the event of legal action, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover attorney’s fees and court costs from the other party. 



If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If the Court finds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.



The failure of either party to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of that party's right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this Agreement.

Applicable Law 


This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia without giving effect to any conflicts of laws provisions.



ALIVE reserve the right, at our sole dis­cre­tion, to mod­i­fy or replace these Terms at any time. If a revi­sion is materialised we will notify THE CLIENT on the day with new or altered ‘special conditions’ for them to view and agree to. What con­sti­tutes a mate­r­i­al change will be deter­mined at our sole discretion.

By con­tin­u­ing to access or use our Ser­vice after those revi­sions become effec­tive, you agree to be bound by the revised terms.

Binding Effect 


This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective successors and permissible assigns. 

We look forward to guiding THE CLIENT on your journey towards physical health and emotional wellbeing…

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