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luxury mental health facilities south africa
luxury private retreat south africa


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luxury private mental health retreat south africa


Exclusive & Confidential

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Proven Results Since 2009

confidential mental health treatment south africa


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5 Star

The Ultimate Experience

Confidential Luxury Mental Health Retreat &
5 Star Wellness Retreat South Africa

Every luxury 5 star South Africa retreat for our mental health, wellness, burn out and detox program for each guest is uniquely chosen for your tastes & level of privacy and confidentiality.


You are the only guest.


Step into your beautiful paradise surrounded by nature & leave all of your worries behind as our international team of experts take you on a journey of a lifetime with a staff ratio of 15:1 you will be taken care of at all times - you are the only guest.

At Alive you enjoy a choice of your own private 5 star luxury Cape Town villa accommodation with each villa chosen to suit your uniqueness offering expansive spaces, surrounded by nature & privacy in absolute luxury and you will work exclusively with Australian and international experts skilled in transforming your life.


Never lift a finger and allow our team to take care of your every need during your personalised & tailored wellness retreat experience with 24/7 support from your live in coach, villa service team and a wellness and therapy team designated only to you.

With multiple spaces to unwind & relax and your own secluded luxury wellness retreat villa you will feel at peace as you are lulled into relaxation at the spa, served delicious mouth watering meals with our private executive detox chef, enjoy daily yoga & meditation classes overlooking the view & wander the local rice paddies or quiet village to take in the breath taking natural surrounds with our guides. Each day will offer you a combination of intensive fast tracked therapy combined with 5 star guest service making this a life changing experience.

All of your private 1:1 therapies are delivered on site as our team nurtures you in secrecy and seclusion giving you the space to feel free and present as you need it.

With your butler and drivers on stand by you can enjoy absolute freedom with all your needs taken care of by our facilitators, hosts, wellness and private resort team.

luxury executive health and detox retreat private


Detoxify the body, heal health issues that are holding you back & rejuvenate your entire physical system with the Alive cleanse & physical health team to reset, energise & increase vitality.




luxury private vip rehab for drug and alcohol addiction

Anxiety is underneath every addiction. Addiction is never the problem. So we target the underlying causes behind urges and release the addictive patterns with ease to heal addiction for good.








luxury private executive stress and burn out retreat and rehab

Overcome long term stress, eradicate burn out, heal your nervous system & create a life you love to thrive moving forward. Rejuvenate your whole system & recover fast with a holistic program to reset on every level.



luxury private couples marriage and divorce help retreats

Rebuild a connection first with yourself, heal relationship hurts & build healthy relationships with others to receive the support & connection you deserve through releasing resentment & radical forgiveness.





luxury private vip mental health treatment center

Get to the root core of anxiety, panic, OCD, depression, trauma & excessive worry and cure it for good using tools to transform the mind, heal the past & become the greatest version of yourself.





lmft, family separation retreats, family therapy retreats

Family Issues

We work with couples and families together to heal, reconnect and bridge the gaps to form understanding, forgiveness and tools for healthy relationships moving forward for all involved in the family unit.





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Every 5 Star Property chosen uniquely for you includes:

  • The stunning views of nature including coastline or beach views 

  • The infinity pools with sun lounge space & resting areas

  • Lounge areas for relaxation, journaling & reflection

  • Exquisite dining area and health bar with free flowing health infused drinks & gourmet healthy meals designed by your Nutritionist

  • Absolute peace & privacy protected by 24/7 security

  • Onsite spa team to lull you into a state of bliss whenever needed

  • Your choice of sleeping spaces from divine master suites and room for your team or family

  • Designated yoga, meditation & workshop spaces for inner peace teachings

  • Therapy rooms in private spaces for healing, coaching, therapy & wellness sessions

  • Private confidential & discreet service team including service staff, housekeeping, butlers & booking concierge

  • Drivers on stand by ready to transport you to cultural, adventure, nature & offsite experiences

  • Surrounding walking tracks through peaceful rice paddies, rivers & villages with guides

  • Health Food Executive Chef and service team to cater to your needs

The Outstanding Service & Experience

We've carefully created the ultimate retreat experience unlike any other retreat to ensure that you feel like royalty during your stay with us as we pamper you & support you on your life changing journey now and always:

  • Your own designated retreat host & executive assistant that offers you personal support & guidance during your stay

  • Program Director and client manager driving and facilitating your retreat and team treatment experience at all times

  • Live in team or therapist if required 24/7

  • Travel with our private executive drivers & security ensuring you feel comfortable and safe at all times

  • As much support, privacy and space as you require with a team skilled at dealing with the Elite

  • A complete wellness & therapy team with carefully planned program that offers proven results in record time

  • No restriction - you are treated as a fully willing adult and we don't restrict your contact with the outside world or freedom to move in and out of the space as long as you remain fully committed to the process and team

  • Zero judgement and constant self empowerment from a team who is there to fully support you being uniquely you

luxury 5 star rehab clinic south africa
mental health treatment south africa

Sleep & Rest

Without any prying eyes or distractions you will experience a deep dive into complete presence, stillness and real rest. With your own private sleep, rest and relaxation areas to reflect you will regenerate on all levels as you take the time to be alone yet supported at anytime within your own private space.

  • Private master suite ​

  • King size suite

  • Ample extra suites for friends, support or entourage 

  • King size beds

  • Plush linens

  • Airconditioning, natural breezes

  • Luxurious ensuite bathroom with baths

  • Private plunge pools

  • Private outdoor relaxation space

  • Private lounge and media areas

  • Stunning views from every room

  • Wifi and private business area

  • Private indoor and outdoor lounge and relaxation areas

  • Relaxation bath menu

  • Private in room aromatherapy menu 

  • In room dining and health elixers delivered to your door

  • Wake up calls with aromatic tea and daily schedule on wake up

  • In room music menu and speaker system

  • Turn down evening service

Personalised Detox & Executive Dining

Enjoy a 5 star health food dining experience to reenergise your body and heal your mind with the famous Alive gut health cleanse. Your private chef and nutritionist work together to create a medicinal healing menu customised uniquely for your body and needs. Your dining experience includes:

  • Private health foods chef

  • Customised nutritionist created menu

  • Specific healing and detox health treatment plan

  • Medicinal teas and healthy elixers

  • Juices and smoothies

  • Gourmet a la carte 3 meals per day healthy wholefoods menu

  • Natural medicine to restore your health to the optimum level

  • Dine wherever you wish in your luxurious space

luxury mental health retreat south africa
confidential mental health retreat and rehab south africa

Private Onsite Wellness Centre

All of your treatments for wellness, fitness, yoga, healing, therapy and spa are delivered on site in the privacy of your luxury villa. 

  • Full on site spa offering a complete menu of divine treatments for relaxation, detoxification, healing and pampering

  • Indoor and outdoor massage areas

  • Designated yoga and meditation spaces

  • Indoor and outdoor fitness areas including on site gym 

  • Private healing and therapy rooms

  • Onsite treatment for IV and medical treatments

  • Ice baths and herbal treatment bathing areas

Your 1:1 VIP Support Team 24/7

We offer a 15:1 team ratio for each client. Your 24/7 team are always available to assist. We ensure that our clients are well taken care of yet offer them the space and privacy needed to rest, reflect and integrate their program. Your support team includes:

  • Villa service team including private chef, service staff, house keeping, butlers, drivers, security and management

  • Designated 1:1 client manager and support hosts live in

  • Overnight live in support person or therapist 

  • Wellness team consisting of therapists, coaches, healing and fitness experts 

  • Space and time to reflect, work, be alone and rest

holistic mental health retreat for busy professionals
private one on one confidential rehab south africa

Travel To Us & Beyond

Getting to us is an easy and streamlined process from door to door. Our team organises all of your travel needs making your retreat journey easy. 

  • Private jet or business class travel booked through our luxury travel agent partner or through your people

  • Travel companion if required

  • Meet and greet at the plane and private entry into Cape Town

  • Luxury car service (your choice of car) with chauffeur 

  • Private confidential travel to all outings and adventures

Absolute Confidentiality & seclusion

No one will ever know that you are with us. We protect our clients by ensuring you are well hidden during your treatment. We specifically choose each secluded location and villa to ensure that you feel worlds away from the outside world.

  • Private villas protected from the outside world

  • Secluded private island stays for those who want absolute seclusion and an immersion into nature

  • Secluded accomodation surrounded by nature

  • Confidential travel from door to door

  • Strict confidentiality agreements with clients and team

luxury mental health retreat for executives south africa


There is usually a REALITY SLAP that comes into play with health, relationships, ineffectiveness and the fear of losing all you have that is a gift for you to realise -  you are only human and you need to  reset, realign and rejuvenate to then recreate on all levels.

We believe in healing the below issues holistically and thoroughly for good:

  • Extreme Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Constant & Overwhelming Stress

  • Disconnection From Others, Life & Self

  • Loss Of Resiliency & Strength

  • Constant Overthinking & Excessive Worry

  • Extreme Perfectionism & Control

  • Bouts of Anxiety or Panic

  • Stress Related Illnesses

  • No Desire or Drive

  • Constant Need to Escape or Avoid

Alive Private Bali, UK, USA, Australia Stress & Burnout Luxury Treatment Program
Executive Detox and De Stress Program

Physical Rejuvenation


Alive Biomedical Detox, Protocols Unique To You,

Nutrient IV & Ozone Therapies, Holistic Detox Methods & Nutritional Cleansing ... Your Detox Is Fast, Easy & Effective To Improve Your Sleep, Energy, Focus & Balance Your Nervous System Naturally.

VIP 5 Star Stress Retreat


Repair & Rebuild Relationships With All Who Surround You With Our Family & Relationship Experts.

Executive Mental Health Recovery Program

Mental & Emotional Resilience

Working with skilled Psychotherapists/ Psychologists, High Performance Live In Coaches, Holistic Counsellors & a Complimentary Therapy Team ... You will be empowered to change every aspect of your life in record time.

5 star luxury de stress retreat


Redesign Your Life Using The Alive Process for Building A Life You Love Full Of Real Purpose, Direction & Meaning... In Life and In Business.

Luxury Private Detox Retreat Program

Stress & Lifestyle

Your Alive Life & Business Coaches Ensure We Eradicate Stress Fast & Transform Your Lifestyle & Habits So Changes Are Made For The Long Term Ensuring Your Recovery Is A Success.

celebrity detox and de stress treatment program

Service Excellence

Be Supported By A Highly Skilled International 5 Star Team In Luxury Residences & Experience The Ultimate In Hospitality & Support. 


Why Come To South Africa?

alive luxury retreat for burnt out executives and vips

Private discreet 1:1 confidential treatment with a 15:1 team ratio to client for mental health, burn out, stress, health rejuvenation, detox, addiction, relationship issues and life direction guidance uniquely created for high net worth individuals

You are the only guest working with a complete team of western health experts including therapists, executive and high performance coaches, medical, biomedical, mental health and complimentary therapy practitioners providing you a one stop shop for the best possible results

Every program is created uniquely only for you to deal with a range of issues for stress, burn out, loss of health and habits, anxiety, depression, traumarelationship issues, loss of purpose and direction, addiction, mental health issues and more

You will be welcomed by a highly experienced international team to support you in the complete transformation of your life, health, habits, relationships, self, business and more without judgement and with pure skill

Our programs are uniquely created for UHNWI's and VIP's understanding the unique issues you face in every area of your life

We offer an outstanding level of holistic excellence in treatment proven since 2009 and a life changing experience that is fun, enjoyable and gets you the results you want in all areas of your life

We go well beyond the traditional 'treatment facilities'  or 'just a retreat' and deliver a genuine life changing experience offering results in record time with a real, inspiring and utterly transforming approach to dealing with some of the toughest issues you may be facing

Speak To Your Team

When you call our team today you will speak directly to the program manager, head therapist, your designated booking concierge and head of medical will be consulted - you will immediately experience the skill, empathy, understanding and get real answers as to how the team will work together with you to help you overcome the issues you are currently facing in all areas of your life.

Immediately you will receive an understanding of exactly what your unique program will include, the team that will be chosen uniquely for you, the specific therapies that will work best for you, the luxury residence of your choice and exact pricing.

Simply contact us here and we will speak today.

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